For the Head only I’ll give you a high grade…

Nelson is not the kind of student you want to have in your class. A school year with him will land you to the home for the aged or worse to the National Mental Hospital.This is now the fourth time he is in grade four. Her teacher the other school year left for Singapore to work as a domestic helper, better than stick to teaching and let Nelson ruin her career. As a public educational institution they could not bar Nelson from re-enrolling. It is against the law, lest they will be charged of discrimination if they do so. Besides Nelson is the nephew of the Village Chairman.

But who can endure  Nelson in their class. He behaves well alright, but this consistent grade 4 repeater has a brain no bigger than a bean. With her master’s degree in Teaching, Nely has all the techniques and strategies of teaching on her finger tips. She tried everything to make Nelson learn but to  no avail. And who could forget  what Nelson did in their spelling class, he misspelled “public” as “pubic,” and “pack” as “fuck.” She gave him up. It was Nelson who prevented her from being voted as one of the ten outstanding teachers in Santa Barbara. Why not, this jerk caused embarrassment to her. As the organizing committee composed of the Division Superintendent, a District supervisor, and two senior principals from Manila came to observe her, it was Nelson who raised his hands first during the recitation. Nely was so happy that this “idiot’s” performance may seal her bid to be selected as one of the ten outstanding teacher. But to her surprise Nelson was only asking permission then to go out and relieve himself. The pupils laughed and the members of the evaluating committee just smiled with disappointment. Now they have reason to exclude her in the list to be replaced a neophyte teacher who happened to be the daughter of the Mayor. Asid from that Nelson did not want to participate also in the class recitation. He kept on saying, “I am sorry ma’am I don’t want to talk because I might say something you do not wan’t to hear.”

“Matututuyoan ka talaga ng dugo ma’am,” Fely complained to Miss Lupita as she turned over a bunch of keys and all the books and equipments lent to her by the school. Miss Lupita was past fifty, pretty and very energetic. She is one kind of a teacher who never gave up. She always vouched on the integrity of the institution that conferred her the degree in teaching majoring in elementary and secondary education. She has long years of teaching experience. She had already perfected some unorthodox methods of teaching that only a teacher of her caliber could afford to use.

During the first day of classes, she asked Nelson to stay and wanted to talk to  him. She was so attracted with the pupil, he is so handsome except that he is brainless. 

“How old are you now Nelson,” she asked the pupil as she put her arms on his shoulder.

“Seventeen ma’am going eighteen on the first day of December.”

“Very good Nelson, I am confident that you can be a good pupil to me,” she said him as she fondly pulled the pupil towards her big boobs and pressed them half of Nelson’s face.”

“T-thank you ma’am,” Nelson said as he felt the sensation of his teacher’s boobs building up tingles all over his body.

“Are you sure you are now seventeen going eighteen,” she challenged Nelson.

“Yes ma’am I am.”

Miss Lupita only smiled. She looked at Nelson in the eyes and asked again. “How come they said you are not yet circumcised?”

You can tell anything you want to say against Nelson but please don’t tell him he is “supot” (uncircumsized) or you may experience the fury of his fists. “Who told you about this lie ma’am and I’ll hit him in the face?”

“Nelson calm down, I am only asking,” she said as she dropped her shoulder for Nelson to have a view of her breasts in her half-open blouse.

Nelson was electrified of what he saw prompting him to swallow his saliva. He too challenged the teacher, “You don’t believe me, do you? If you like I will bring out my penis for you to see.”

“Oh, no-no Nelson, I already believe you,” she said as she lightly tapped the already hardened large cock of the school boy.

(To be continued)

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6 Responses to “For the Head only I’ll give you a high grade…”

  1. secondlady Says:

    Manong joe,
    This story is dedicated to all teachers who worked hard to make the Filipinos literate and intellectually functional people. You are one of them.

  2. JoeSeg Says:

    Thanks Second Lady for the story whatever it will be in the ensuing pages at thanks din at nakorek na rin ang.. to be continue… which I don’t want to point out earlier in your previous posts na dapat be continued…

  3. Kimuchi Says:

    Si Nelson dapat ipasok sa especial education at baka maging valedictorian pa siya.Mayroon akong naging kaeskwela noon na naabutan ko sa grade six.labing dalawang taon siya sa elementarya at walong taon naman sa high school.Pagka graduate niya ng high school ay nabuntis niya si Miss Sabio.June ng taon na grumadwet si Ompong ikinasal sila sa simbahan.Ngayon ay milyonaryo na sila,kumita sa pagtitinda ng bangos.Mga anak nila ay matatalino.Tinanong nila si Ompong bakit daw matatalino ang mga anak niya samantalang bobo siya ng nag-aaral.Sagot ni Ompong kaya raw hindi niya ginamit ang lahat ng nalalaman niya ng nag-aaral pa siya dahil ipamamana niya sa kanyang mga magiging anak.Kawawa naman daw sila kapag ubusin niya sa school ang lahat ng nasa loob ng utak niya.HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI

  4. secondlady Says:

    Thank you for reading my stories. Thank you guys for coming over. While I am not cumming yet, I must see to it the next time around I’ll be cumming with you in the intercourse of ideas.

  5. Mer Pints Says:

    Yahooo I am here na Segundina. How are you my love, hehehe. Basahin mo day, may isang heneral na nagtayo ng beauty parlor. Pati siya day nagpe-pedicure at nagma-manicure na rin ng mga customers. Kaso may ginawa siyang milagro kaya hinabol siya ni misis ng taga, hubad pa man din si sir, hehehe. Ito po iyong link:

  6. Banong Says:

    Mabuti naman si Nelson ang bida dito. Mahirap na baka magselos pa sa aking ang mga macho dahil ako lagi ang nakakatikim ng mga tisay at morena dito, hehehe. Segundina, huwag kang mambibitin dahil kapag nabitin ito, ay maghuhurementado si manoy, hahahahayyyyyyy.

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