For the Head Only I’ll give you a High Grade, Part-2 (The Right Time)

Teacher Lupita did her best to teach and to make Nelson learn. She allotted an hour each day during after classes to tutor Nelson in the different subjects. They made an agreement, that if Nelson failed to answer the teacher’s question she would pull his testicles. A lot of time teacher pulled his testicles, But Nelson learned how to be smart, he studied very well to spare himself from teacher Lupita pulling his testicles always if he could not to answer her tutor’s questions correctly. To the surprise of her classmates and other teachers, Nelson topped all the examinations in the different subjects in grade four except Math where his grade was pegged to 65.

But teacher Lupita told him that there is always a room for improvement, and math is that room. Teacher assured him he would become an expert in math at the right time. But when was the right time? He was already eager to learn and become a mathematician. But until now he could not answer the question, “how much part of your penis is left if it is inserted at your teacher’s special pocket?”

“Teacher is very madaya (too tricky),” he said.

“At the right time, you will know the answer,” the teacher assured him.

Days and months passed by. Now it was December and the whole class was busy decorating their classroom. Nelson brought a branch of tamarind tree to be decorated for the Christmas tree. Actually everybody was excited decorating their classrooms because the town mayor announced he would give a cash gift of five thousand pesos to the best decorated classroom in the town.

“You help me decorate the Christmas tree Nelson after the last period,” teacher told Nelson.

“Yes ma’am, Nelson answered.”

As soon as the all the pupils left and nobody was already in the school campus, except them, teacher asked Nelson to get the box containing the Christmas lights and other decorations for the Christmas tree at the store room. He did but could not find any. The lad was already sweating but still no box was there. He called the teacher. Teacher Lupita rushed to the store room. But since the door and all the windows of the classroom were already locked, it was hot.

“It’s hot,” teacher said as she removed her blouse and threw it a her desk. All that was left with her was  her bra. She helped Nelson look for the Christmas decor at the store room but could not find any. Teacher suddenly dropped her body on Nelson. The lad was alarmed. “Are you alright ma’am,” he asked the teacher. “I am a little bit dizzy, but I am okay,” was her answer. To be sure, Nelson held her teacher’s face and look at her eyes if the teacher is telling him the truth or not.

But teacher pulled his hands and pressed them to her breast. “What did you feel Nelson.”

Nelson thinking it was one of those tuturing sessions they had, Nelson immediately answered her, “it’s a bra ma’am.”

Teacher removed her bra and asked Nelson again, “Now Nelson, tell me what did you see?” 

Without malice Nelson answered her, “it is a pair of female’s breasts ma’am”

“Okay come and feel them stupid,” she told Nelson.

Nelson did not know what to say, but did exactly what the teacher told him.

“That’s nice Nelson,” the teacher whispered. And Nelson’s hands were still there, nailed at her breasts for a long time because he could not wait for the teacher to say, “that’s enough for today.” With Nelson’s penis  slowly getting an erection and teacher Lupita’s vagina was already wet the teacher was starting to get wild.

The Teacher brought her right hand near Nelson’s pants and aimed at his penis but the boy resisted.

“No ma’am that is unfair. I think I answered all your questions correctly,” he said. 

The teacher got mad. “My goodness Nelson, how come you are not ready yet to study Math? I think this is not yet the right time” the teacher said.

Nelson felt so sorry too for  he did  not pass the test again. But the teacher was kind enough to assure  him, “better luck next time.” And she silently assured herself too, “let me try again.”

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6 Responses to “For the Head Only I’ll give you a High Grade, Part-2 (The Right Time)”

  1. jetrix Says:


  2. JoeSeg Says:

    Sabi ni teacher, let me try again

  3. JoeSeg Says:

    Ito naman ang sabi ni Frank Sinatra

  4. Doc.bobonyo Says:

    May nagtatanong na kung ano ang kanyang gagawin dahil ng mag-oral sex sila ng husband niya may natikman siyang ibang lasa ng fluid. Galing daw sa iba ang kanyang hinala. I took the opportunity to share the Gospel of love and forgiveness to her. In a way nagiging tulay pa yata itong mga kuwento mo para maihayag ng mga iba ang kanilang mga nararamdaman na hindi maibulalas. Sana just curve the “graphics” sa iyong mga kuwento. Sana lang. Anyway I have an article about forgiveness.

  5. kumander Pipi Says:

    Parang may gusto yata si Madam kay Nelson.Hahaha!

  6. kidlatanvillage Says:

    Kumander iyan din ang gusto kong malaman sa mga susunod pang kuwento ng kalibogan ni Seg.
    Anway may sobpoena ka Seg. May kasong isinampa ni Banong laban sa iyo sa Barangay. Ang kaso ay multiple erection leading to ejaculation, hehehe.
    Ito ang link: http://

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