For the Head Only I’ll Give you a High Grade-3 (The Lust Part)

On his 18th birthday, teacher Lupita invited Nelson to her house for a dinner. The teacher personally went to Nelson’s house and gave Christmas presents to his parents. She asked permission if they could allow their son to stay overnight in his house to teach him mathematics since he was at risk to plunk the subject and stay another year more in grade four. The parents willingly allowed Nelson to go to his teachers house to study math. They could not refuse anything the teacher told them because they knew the teacher had done so much to improve the learning ability of Nelson.

Nelson was surprised there were only two of them in the house. The house although big, looked more of a haunted house to Nelson. The young man was not afraid of teacher Lupita, for he knew she was kind to him, but of ghosts. “Are there ghosts in this house,” Nelson asked teacher Lupita. The teacher only smiled. “Of course there are, but they appear only to people wearing polo shirt and denim pants,” the teacher said. Immediately Nelson removed his pants and polo leaving only his shorts and tight undershirts. “You are wise Nelson,” the teacher said. “Now the ghosts have no reason to come out and scare you.” Nelson just nod his head apparently afraid of the spirits of the dead.

“Okay, it’s time to study Math,” teacher Lupita said. The teacher taught him how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and solve mathematical problems. Nelson tried to focus his mind on the various principles of modern math and other mathematical steps so as not to entertain the thought of a ghost. He was too afraid of ghosts that he did not let his mind wonder. Later the teacher challenged him, “any problem you could solve, I’ll remove my blouse. But if you can’t you remove your undershirt.” Nelson agreed. Teacher Lupita gave him a very simple math problem requiring addition and division only. Nelson solved the problem immediately. He giggled when teacher Lupita removed her blouse. But teacher Lupita has another problem to solve again. This time it was her skirt against your Nelson’s brief. But to  her dismay, Nelson easily solved the problem again. Now Nelson was not only giggling he was already laughing as the teacher was only wearing bra and panty then. 

Teacher Lupita was a little bit nervous. She did not expect Nelson to be this sharp. Teacher Lupitagave Nelson a problem in the addition and subtraction of fractions. The teacher knew Nelson would fail in this problem since she only discussed withhim the steps but no actual examples. The deal it was her bra against the undershirt of Nelson if the young man could solve the next problem. With much difficulty Nelson was able to solve the problem. She was a little bit hasitant to do it, but a deal is a deal so teacher Lupita removed her bra. Nelson saw again the stout breast of her teacher and malice already entered his mind. There were three more problems to solve. This time the teacher made and ultimate challenge, her panty against the undershirt and brief of Nelson. The teacher gave him a very difficult problem to solve in modern math. Nelson just smiled and solved the problem hurriedly. He was more interested in looking at her teacher’s breasts rather than solving the problem thoroughly. He failed this time. Not only that the product of his multiplication was wrong, the placement of the decimal was wrong. He had to remove his undershirt and brief. Teacher Lupita giggled secretly. She was so excited withthe long, fat and hard cock of Nelson. Nelson was totally nude and he had mixed emotions. A little bit shy with the rising of his cock in front of her teacher he waited for the last problem. Finally the teacher gave him the last problem. “If you can solve this one, I will remove my panty and I’ll give you a very special prize as a reward,” the teacher said. The problem was solving percentages. The problem was a little bit easy but Nelson was not taking any chances so he reviewed his answer and computations. He got it right. Teacher Lupita slowly removed her panty to the amazement of Nelson. Nelson had been imagining how does a real vagina looked like. With his eyes wide open he came close to his teacher. “Congratulations Nelson, you are a bright boy,” she said.

Nelson embraced his teacher and fondled her breasts. The teacher did not react at all, he wanted Nelson to make all the moves so she will not be charged of sexual harassment. Nelson kissed her on the lips, and teacher Lupita started to feel the heat of his passion. “I want to get my prize now,” Nelson said. “What prize do you want Nelson,” she whispered. Nelson took the hand of her teacher and let her gently hold his erect cock. “I want to put this thing inside the special wallet of my teacher,” Nelson whispered to her too. Teacher just gently felt it, squeezed it and let the head of his cock touched her wet pussy.

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4 Responses to “For the Head Only I’ll Give you a High Grade-3 (The Lust Part)”

  1. secondlady Says:

    This is not the last part, I repeat this is not the last part. This is the lust part, the best is reserved at the last where your imagination works double time.

  2. Colegialagirl Says:

    Malapit-lapit na maisuksuk ni Nelson ang kanyang sandata sa pitaka ng teacher. Abangan ang susunod na pambibitin na naman ni Segundina, hehehe. Hoy, iyong kanta mo tungkol sa pulis na may bitbit na pansit napatawa mo ako ng husto.

  3. Cocoy's Delight Says:

    May bagong negosyo kami ngayon ni Artsee, naka turban siya ngayon.Nagpapautang ng 5/6

  4. Cocoy's Delight Says:

    Makapagrelax nga muna sa pagbabasa dito.Hehehe!

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