How do you like the dress of Michelle Obama on the Election Night?

Personally, I have nothing against the outfit of Michele Obama. If she feels comfortable from wearing it then who am I to disapprove?  But I was fascinated with her dress on the election night. I know people who saw it have varied reactions from simple praises to heavy criticism. As Michelle Obama’s admirer, I felt so excited to know how other people comment on her election night’s dress. I don’t care what they say about her negative one or praises, but it pays to know how people think the way this soon to be first lady of the 44th president of the United States dress. I went from one blog to the other to learn what do some people are thinking.  Below were some of the comments and reactions I got.

One blogger said that the Narciso Rodriquez dress she wore on the election night was cool and stylish. Mrs. Obama according to this blogger said that made a fine and “exciting and unexpected choice. Another writer too noted the dress as “slightly askew and confused.” One blogger expressed disappointment with her election-night dress saying it was an “odd choice.” She said the “cut did not flatter with her figure or work well on Camera”; and the “bolero-like sweater only added to the shapeless silhouette.” And 65 percent of respondents interviewed on this issue said they ‘hated it.’ But of course these were only their opinions and I must respect them. 

I know Mrs. Michelle Obama could not be compared to Jackie Kennedy for nothing. She wears elegant dresses that make her a very fashionable person. I believe that Mrs. Obama’s fashion style would soon catch world attention once she becomes the US first lady. Young women would soon follow Mrs. Obama’s style and kind of dresses. She is an admirable woman so it would not be surprising to see women dressed like Michelle Obama in the near future. 

Of course marami na namang maiinggit sa kanya at kabi-kabila na naman ang mga kritisismo sa kanyang pananamit. Para sa akin madaling makagiliwan Itong si Mrs. Obama, at talaga namang maraming umi-idolo sa kanya. Pero kagaya din ng mga ibang first lady, aasahan mo na marami ding detractors siya kung saan ay pupunaan na naman siya lagi sa kanyang pananamit. 

Sa unang pagkakataon ay makikilala sa buong mundo ang isang itim o African American na first lady. Sa mga humahanga sa kanya ay matutuwa sila, sa mga ayaw naman ay isang malamig na pagtanggap sa isang katotohanan na ang susunod na first lady ng America ay isang African American. Kayo, anong feeling ninyo kay Michelle Obama?


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13 Responses to “How do you like the dress of Michelle Obama on the Election Night?”

  1. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Magandang manamit si first lady to be Obama. Baka nga siya ang susunod na Jakie sa pagiging pasyonista, hehehe,
    Ano kaya kung si pareng Joe ay isa sa mga Ninong ni Luli Arroyo nang siya ay ikinasal? May mga masasamang isip na nagtatanong, may kinalaman ba daw ang pagbubuntis sa pagpapakasal? Ako wala akong alam diyan baka kayo meron, hehehe.

  2. Cocoy Says:

    Okey lang naman si Michelle na first lady ni Pareng Kulas.Hehehehe!

  3. colegialagirl Says:

    Naku Segundina,
    Iyang idol mo, mukhang anino iyan na nakasuot ng Narciso dress kuno. Dapat ang bagay sa kanya ay iyong galing sa ukay-ukay. Alam ko magagalit ka na naman pero iyan ang aking paniniwala pagkatapos kitang pakainin.

  4. Cocoy's Delight Says:

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  5. Cocoy's Delight Says:

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  6. Cocoy's Delight Says:

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  7. Doc.bobonyo Says:

    Patay kang bata ka… Kaya mag-isip isip ka na Joc-joc. The truth shall set you free. Hehehe.
    Sana ipinag-pray din nila si Joc-joc itong mga prayer warriors na nagpunta ng Malacanang.

  8. Colegiala girl Says:

    Huli na kayo, lalabas na si Bulate, este Bolante. Wala palang sakit iyong mama. But willl he finally talk about the fertilizer scam in the Senate?

  9. Segundina Says:

    Hi Colegiala,
    Salamat pala sa blowout mo. Bakit tubig at toothpick na lang ang inorder mo noon, hehehe.

  10. Kimuchi Says:

    I was out in circulation for so many days and already there’s a lot of good and humorous posting in your blog.Congrats! I love reading it.How I wish I should become a rich woman too so that I can buy a lot of sex.HIHIHIHIHIH! Kidding-kidding only.

  11. secondlady Says:

    Hey lovely kim,
    Nice having you here again. Good luck and more power. With you we will have a lot of sex again. Try me too guys, hehehehe.

  12. Cocoy's Delight Says:

    The First gentleman goons and Bolante’s boys have less than 48 hours to look for Capt.Nick Faeldon, not to arrest the captain but to borrow his daring escape anting-anting.If they could not find Capt.Faeldon the Senate sergeant-at-arms will haul Bolante’s ulcer stomach in the Senate, then,Sen Pimentel will make Bolante his punching bag and a shooting practice for Sen.Lacson.

  13. secondlady Says:

    Buti nga, hehehe. Pa-derma din si Bolante baka hindi na tatawagin pa sa Senate kung mayroon siyang skin diseases.

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