Capt. Francisco Brochador 2 (Sarah Palin on his fantasy)

Monday, a siren signaled that all 8:00 A.M. Classes should converge at the flagpole for the flag ceremony. As a practice, an academic unit assigned for the flag ceremony should lead in the singing of the Pambasang Awit (National Anthem), reciting the Panunumpa sa Watawat (pledge of allegiance to the country), and a prayer. Sometimes a designated speaker would give a five-minute inspirational talk to the students. There was no special occasion in the University but a member of the Board of Regents like Dr. Hillary Clintoriorano was there to address the students and faculty. Not only that, she surprised everybody particularly Captain Brochador who was dragging his prosthesis like a drunk going closer to the flagpole to hear Dr. Hillary’s message. To their amusement, the students roared with excitement clapping their hands when they saw  their vice-president attired and looked like Sarah Palin.

Her topic was about change, bridging conflict in the world for peace, harmony, and progress. Her message was brief but very substantial. She told the faculty and students to emulate the courage and flexibility of Sarah Palin. “When we lose, there is always that opportunity to win,” she said. Captain Brochador, or Dean Francisco Brochador could not say a word. He was so captivated by the wit, beauty, and charm of Sarah Palin, I mean Dr. Hillary Clintorianos. Somebody tapped his shoulder from behind. It was Dr. Fortunato Ababaero, the president of the University Faculty Association.

“Ano, di nakita mo rin ang hinahanap mo (Okay, did you find what you’re looking for?),” his professor friend said.

“I can’t believe it, at far she is Sarah Palin’s look alike,” the dean said.

“She is pretty right? Who would say she’s already fast forty. And what do you expect, she is a daughter of a white American.” Dr. Fortunato Ababaero lightly elbowed him on the side.

“Ang ganda niya talaga (she’s so pretty),” Captain Brochador said.

After the flag ceremony all the students rushed to their classes. Dr. Hillary Clintorianos was still at the flagpole talking with her friends in the university.

“Let’s go and shake hands with her,” Dr. Ababaero said to his friend.

Slowly both professors went to the flagpole to shake hands with Dr. Hillary.

“Good morning Dr. Ababaero and Dean Brochador,” she greeted the two.

“Good morning too ma’am,” their response.

“Congratulations ma’am, you really inspired all of us this morning. It’s a wonderful topic,” captain/dean Brochador said extending his hands to the regent.

“Oh, is that so? Thank you very much dean Brochador.”

Other faculty members also approached Dr. Hillary Clintorianos and congratulated her too for her wonderful message. The regent greeted and thanked them briefly then immediately left to meet visitors from the Commission on Higher Education. The faculty returned to their classes but for those who were free just went back to their respective faculty offices. Dean Brochador and Dr. Ababaero remained still talking about Dr. Hillary turned Sarah Palin.

“Ang lambot ng kamay niya padre, tsamba mo kapag hinimas niya si manoy (her hand is soft, you must be lucky if she could hold your cock),” Dr. Ababaero said.

Dean Brochador laughed so hard almost losing his prosthesis on the ground.

“Walang kupas at numero uno ka talaga basta babae ang pinag-uusapan (you are still number one and never fading at all for as long as the topic is about women),” said dean Brochador.

“Padre I am not talking for myself, it’s for you. Haven’t you seen at close-up those two healthy breasts. They are there for your lips and your mouth to play,” answered Dr. Ababaero.

“My friend, I can only do that thing with my harmonica, not madam Hillary or Sarah Palin.”

“Who told you to play with your harmonica? What I said you should play with Hillary’s organ and bite her two big and sweet apples.”

Both giggled.

Dr. Hillary’s visitors left and her friends immediately went to her office. Dr. Elvie and Dr. Pacing were so excited to know what happened.

“So his eyes were fixed to your face and to your body,” Dr. Pacing whispered on her.

“How did the dean shake hands with you? Did you feel some electricity running all over your body,” Dr. Elvie asked her.

Dr. Hillary did not say anything, she just smiled.

“Why are you smiling Hillary a.k.a. Sarah Palin? Did you see Captain Brochador’s penis rise,” asked Dr. Pacing.

The three women laughed.

“Hey, tigilan nga ninyo ako mga malisyoso kayong babae diyan (will you stop kidding me you malicious women),” Dr. Hillary jestingly said to her friends.

“Ano kumalabog ba ang puso mo nang makita mo ang kanyang mukhang nakangiti sa iyo? (did your heart pound so hard when you see his face smiling at you),” Dr. Pacing asked her again.

“That’s not the right question Pacing. You better ask madame Hillary if her pussy was wet after shaking hands with Captain Brochador,” Dr. Elvie said.

“Enough, enough. I don’t want to hear anything from you,” Dr.  Hillary pleaded to her friends.

“Captain Brochador, his name alone suggests he is good at licking anybody’s pussy.”

“I said enough,” Dr. Hillary was already serious.

Her friends stop for a while, looked at each other, and smiled.

“By the way madame Hillary, I heard Captain Brochador has only one testicle. The only problem if he could still have an erection,” said Dr. Elvie.

“Elvie be positive, Captain Brochador may have only one leg, and only one testicle, but his cock is still long and capable enough to put up a good fight. Tell me, is there any difference,” asked Dr. Pacing.

Dr. Elvie with enlarged eyes said, “aha, it is Hillary riding on the horse and not the horse riding on Hillary. Horsie-horsie common Hillary.”

The three laughed so hard particularly Dr. Elvie who was already coughing.

(To be Continued)

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18 Responses to “Capt. Francisco Brochador 2 (Sarah Palin on his fantasy)”

  1. brotherutoy Says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog. God bless!

  2. Cocoy's Delight Says:

    I like this One Foot General story.

  3. secondlady Says:

    Salamat po sa pagbisita brotherutoy. Welcome po kayo dito.

  4. secondlady Says:

    Manong Cocoy,
    Better he has one foot, my dad has only 5 inches, hehehe.

  5. colegialagirl Says:

    Mabuti pa si captain Brochador kahit iisa lang ang basket ball ay matapang pa rin hindi kagaya nitong si Joc-joc na laging natatakot mawalan ng basketball.Gusto ko siyang ipagtanggol sa mga nangungutya sa kanya, ayaw kung sabihin nila na isa siyang “testicular coward.”

  6. colegialagirl Says:

    Sana sa araw na ito ay magsabi siya ng totoo. Isang mapait na katotohanan na siya pala ay…

  7. colegialagirl Says:

    isa nang sirena, hehehe

  8. colegialagirl Says:

    This is joking joking only Segundina. I don’t want you to accuse me again of making baboy my comments in your blog. Pero tutoo bang mahilig ka sa foot long na hotdog?

  9. colegialagirl Says:

    dad mo five inches lang? Hahahahaha. My dad has 1.5 inch lang sabi ng aming maid, hehehehe.
    Naku itong mga jokes natin baka sabihin nila totoo.

  10. chi Says:

    Hahaha! Ok yan, girl.

  11. Banong Says:

    How do you miss me? Forgive me if I have not come and visited you for a while because I am looking for a lovely Sarah for me. You know magpapasko na naman wala pa akong biyenan.

    But certainly Segs, I think I will always be unlucky to others except you. Pamasko mo na lang sa akin ang iyong pagmamahal. Malapit na akong mangalahati sa forty, how about reconsidering your stand against my project proposal hehehe.

  12. secondlady Says:

    Where have you been, to London to visit the queen? You are proposing again Banong, and even asking me to give you my love as a gift, heheheh. My answer is negative. You may try again, hehehe.

  13. Colegiala girl Says:

    Please keep going until Segundina shall fall in love with you. But please don’t be a liar like what you said about joc-joc Bolante. Naku Segundina, if you watched the TV on the hearing of the fertilizer scam, you’ll be drained of your blood seeing Bolante lied under oath to the Senate.

  14. Colegiala girl Says:

    Umuwi na raw si Bolante sa bahay nila. Kaya nang nasa kuwarto na sila ni misis niya ay biglang napasigaw si Bolante. “Home at last!”
    Sumagot naman daw si misis niya, “at bakit, may erection ka na ba?”

  15. Cocoy's Delight Says:


    Baka magagalit ang dad mo sa iyo kung sasabihin mo na 5 inches lang ang kanya.Halos wala pang kalahati ng baril ko.Ano ang kargada niya paltik?.Hehehe

  16. Segundina Says:

    Psst, huwag na po kayo magtanong. Mas malala naman iyong dad ni Colegiala, 1.5 lang sabi ng maid nila. Ang kargada niya as pang-Swiss Knife lang

  17. kidlatanvillage Says:

    Pasyal ka sa Barangay Hall at nandoon ngayon si mang Johnny Enrile. Hinahanap ka at gusto daw niyang malaman kung nasaan si Francisco Brochador.

  18. ginoray Says:

    bakit hinahanap ni manong johnny e. si doc brochador?

    hehe… tingin ko may isa pang dating senador na matutuwa kay doc. di ko lang maalala ngayon pero manong johnny din ata yun, or manang if you may.

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