Captain Francisco Brochador 3 (Not difficult to love him, still sexually capable)

It is not difficult to love Captain Francisco Brochador, that’s what Dr. Hillary learned when she and Captain Brochador attended an educators congress in Baguio City. From the first day of the conference,  Dr. Hillary was so excited to go around with the dean. Not for anything else but Dr. Hillary was just curious to see some of those former students Captain Brochador helped finished college.

First they visited a police officer named Vicente who was a son of one of the slain soldiers when Captain Brochador was ambushed in Mindanao. The officer was so happy to see the man who financially supported him to finish a course in Criminology. He saluted captain Brochador and later took his hand and kissed it as a sign of respect. The police officer had  nothing to say to Dr. Hillary but praises. From the police station, Captain Brochador brought Dr. Hillary to a public school where teacher Lenny is teaching. The teacher embraced the dean, took his hand and kissed it as a sign of respect. Captain Brochador introduced Dr. Hillary to her. “Your wife sir,” teacher Lenny asked the dean. “No, she is our vice president for academic affairs,” Captain Brochador explained. The teacher was a little bit embarrassed. Dr. Hillary talked to her. The teacher explained to the vice-president how kind was captain Brochador to her. She was only  4-years old when her father was killed in that ambush. Like officer Vicente teacher Lenny had all praises to the kindness and generousity of Captain Brochador. After teacher Lenny, Captain Brochador brought Dr. Hillary to a private school where teacher Vanessa was teaching. Teacher Vanessa was so excited when she saw Captain Brochador. “He is my godfather,” she told Dr. Hillary. Teacher Vanessa is a daughter of a non-commissioned officer who sacrificed himself to save the life of Captain Brochador from a grenade blast in that ambush. “I am duty bound to acknowledge and return favor for that supreme sacrifice my soldier had done to me in that battle,” Captain Brochador said with tears in his eyes. “You have done so much sacrifice already for all us (children of his soldiers who died in the battle) it’s time you have to attend also  to your personal life ninong (godfather),” teacher Vanessa said. Captain Brochador just laughed. “I am already old nobody cares for a one-legged animal like me,” he said. Dr. Hillary could not control her laughter. Teacher Vanessa approached Dr. Hillary and said, “Ma’am my Ninong is kind, sincere, and very loving person. If you are still available, he can be a good man for you…” Dr. Hillary did not answer, she just smiled. Captain Brochador was a little bit embarrassed on what his goddaughter said but was happy inside.

After the conference Dr. Hillary asked Captain Brochador to stay with her for a day. The dean obliged. Dr. Hillary brought Captain Brochador to a Hotel at Camp John Hay where she made a reservation for two. They checked in to a room for two which surprises Captain Brochador. He maybe a little bit embarrassed but he was so much excited of what’s going on to ask a single question. 

Inside the luxurious room Dr. Hillary placed her arms around the shoulder of Captain Brochador and kissed him on the lips.

“I know deep inside your heart you love me. My answer is yes, I love you too,” she said.

“Am I dreaming,” Captain Brochador slapped his face.

“What do you think of me a fantasy, I am real Francisco,” she said.

“No, no, no, don’t be so fast lady,” exclaimed Captain Brochador.

“What do you think of yourself idiot a virgin?” Dr. Hillary was a little bit irritated.

“No, not that… I just want to tell you I can’t make love with my prosthesis on.” Captain Brochador laughed.

They both laughed.

Captain Brochador removed his prosthesis and pulled down his pants. Dr. Hillary slowly undressed herself too removing first her blouse, and then her pants. She unstrapped her bra and little by little pulled down her panty. The dean had his eyes fixed on the smooth, white, and sexy body of Dr. Hillary as though he was watching a floor show.

Captain Brochador was so amazed of what he saw, two large and beautiful breasts. They are still erect as if nobody had touched them before. Her rounded tits are so pinkish and her breasts are so white and smooth. He turned his eyes on her vagina, the tight lips are as red as the rose. Her curly pubic hair was so fine and brownish like a hair of corn.

Dr. Hillary came closer to him. She helped Captain Brochador removed his shirt then took his hands and placed them on top of her breasts. Captain Brochador slightly mashed them and then one by one sucked them as he bit her tits with his lips. Dr. Hillary moaned of the sensation build up from her breast going down through her clitoris. She placed her right hand inside Captain Brochador’s brief and grabbed his cock. “It’s long,” she said and kissed him. Captain Brochador brought his face close on her wet pussy while standing in front of him as he was seated at the edge of the bed. He immediately got an erection so stiff that awed Dr. Hillary although the dean has only one testicle to be proud of. Immediately Dr. Hillary pushed the dean to the bed. As the startled man lied down on the bed, she hurriedly removed his briefs and played her hand on his stiff cock.

Dr. Hillary lied down on the and rolled beside him. She pressed her breasts on him and they passionately kissed each other as they tightly embraced. They had some more kisses, occasionally touching each other’s tongue At times he sucked her breasts as he slipped his fingers on the wet pussy of Dr. Hillary.

“Careful not to break the hymen, what you are touching is a wet vagina of a virgin,” she whispered. 

“Y-yes but please allow me to get in before I shall explode,” said Captain Brochador.

“Please be patient for a little bit honey, let’s prepare first the way of the king to enter his kingdom,” she said.

Despite his physical infirmity, Captain Brochador managed to go on top of her, spread her legs and was ready not to push his hot rod inside. But Dr. Hillary stopped him. She immediately covered her vagina with her hands to deny any entry to her paradise of joy.

“But, why,” protested Captain Brochador.

“I just want you to know that you are about to fuck a virgin, a first timer but theoretically knowledgeable about sex. When you insert your thing on me, be sure you’ll marry me,” said Dr. Hillary.

” Come on Hillary, my cock is already read hot let’s do it na…please honey!”

“No you must answer me, will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes I do pakakasalan na kita sa lahat ng simbahan (I will marry you in all churches).” 


“Sabi nang oo ( I already told you) Ipasuk na natin at bitin na bitin na ako (Let’s put it in I’m already hanging).

“Okay you may proceed now darling,” she said.

But Captain Brochador did not make move. Hillary was waiting but the frustrated man was just wiping the head of his cock with a blanket.

“What’s going on,” asked Dr. Hillary.

“It’s premature ejaculation,” Captain Brochador answered her coldly.

Dr. Hillary laughed, but stopped when she noticed Captain Brochador was already mad at her. But slowly she touched the man, bent herself towards him and rubbed her hands in his face. She started kissing him from his lips going to all parts of his body including his penis. She played with is penis and then suck it to give him the sensation to make it erect. Captain Brochador was now smiling and really loved what his partner was doing. Not for long Captain Brochador got an erection. His cock got hot and stiff much harder than the first one.

(To be Continued)

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11 Responses to “Captain Francisco Brochador 3 (Not difficult to love him, still sexually capable)”

  1. Banong Says:

    Kailangan magbackground check muna si madam bago bumukaka. Past 40 she is still a virgin? Hanep talaga, parang bank executive itong si Dr. Hillary na kailangang puntahan muna niya iyong mga taong nakakakilala sa kanyang on-legged man bago niya isurender ang Bataan.

  2. Banong Says:

    Grabe ka talaga Seg, kay tagal kung naghintay ng susunod na kabanata tapo mambibitin ka na naman. Pinaputok mo pa iyong sumpak ni Kapitan Brutsador nang hindi pa nababaon sa glorya. Sana kapag ikaw ay nag-asawa huwag kang mambibitin lalo na kung ako ang magiging mister mo hahahahayyyyyyyy.

  3. Banong Says:

    Ilang chapter pa bago mapadugo iyong birhen?

  4. Colegiala girl Says:

    Hehe Segundina, dumali na naman itong si Banong. Hindi na makapaghintay pa. Bakit ang bilis naman ng honeymoon Segundina. Ni hindi pa sila kinakasal. Virgin ba talaga si Dr. Hillary alyas Sarah Palin?

  5. ginoray Says:

    panalo tong si kap, sa sobrang gigil sumabog ng wala sa tiyempo. hehe…

  6. JoeSeg Says:

    Colegiala G

    Sa panahon ngayon, kapag dumating na sa ganyang edad katulad ni Dr. Hillary, alyas Sarah Palin at virgin pa, hay naku, sasampalin!

  7. secondlady Says:

    Hehehe, kayo ha nangiintriga. Ako lang ang nakakaalam ng sekreto niya. Existing person itong si Sarah Sasampalin, ginawa ko lang fictitious ang character para hindi makahalata. Abangan ninyo ang last chapter at dito kayo mapapaiyak sa tuwa o tawa hehehe.

  8. secondlady Says:

    Sorry ha, humanap ka na lang ng ibang kapalaran. Sasagutin ko na itong si EJR sa Christmas bilang pamaskong handog ko sa kanya. Kahit papaano nakapagtapat din siya kahit pautal-utal, hehehe. Kap, ano ba iyan. Akala ko may nagmana sa bilis ninyo, hehehe. Kaso may nag-file ng temporary restraining order baka maudlot pa, hehehe. May naghahabol na supervisor daw ng tawag tawag center.

  9. secondlady Says:

    Day, as in Daday, if you are reading me right now this is my message. Do not challenge Segundina. Maraming mga pogi diyan na aali-aligid.

  10. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Hindi lahat ngmga lalaki ay Kidlat tumirada. May natatangi diyan kagaya ni Pareng Cocoy na kilabot noon sa mga Colegiala, hehehe. Kung pautal-utal man ang aking kabalyero pasalamat ka, tinutuhanan ka at hindi nagpapanggap. Kung siya man ay palarin salamat, kung hindi tatanggapin namin ng maluwag. At saka kung naghahabol man iyong tawag- agent na sinasabi mo palagay ko matagal nang nagsara ang libro de kuwenta nila. Isa lang ang natitiyak ko, libreng-libre na si EJR at buhay niya iyon na hindi puweding saklawan ng iba. Wala akong ibig sabihin nito, nagpapaliwanag lang. At saka kung aginaldo man ang pag-ibig sana nanggagaling ito sa puso hindi sa biro-biro lang.

  11. Cocoy's Delight Says:

    The Freedom of Speech, although a beautiful law that protects citizen to express concern against government corruption and allows us to state our opinion without fear,We as the citizen of our beloved country Philippines have the right to oppose the on going signature drive in Congress to amend the constitution.We the Filipino people is the fourth branches of government and our voices must be heard.

    Start up your computer and start writing your opposition on this Charter Change. Web logging and blogging has long been praised and employed by members of the Arroyo opposition. Most would be surprised and should be concerned that many web log contributors are silent army armed only with computers and laptops dispatched to people in our country. We does not carry badges identifying us as such. Its main mission is to voice our concern for our people and to our government.

    Unfortunately for Filipinos living outside the Philippines, although highly educated, they rely heavily on Google and other search engines for information.The internet is wonderful tools exchanging information.

    I am inviting you to visit my site and sign-in.

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