Welcome Home Pacman

This guy sent Hatton kissing the canvass with a powerful punch and so with the ego of thousands of Britons who supported the champion. Hatton lost and Pacman received the belt of a champion. He brought honor to his country and makes himself richer by millions again. He is unstoppable in the ring and so with his political ambition. 

As a welcome home gift, the COMELEC approved his political party. He is really determined to go go to Congress and be called Hon. Cong. Manny Pacquiao. He came home and no body could stop him. Not even the typhoon, for Pacman is mightier than Mr. Weatherman. As usual he is swarmed again by politicians like Lito Atienza and Chavit Singson. Yes Pacman does not only want to be called a great boxing champion but a politician who may be a champion of the masses. With that let us say Mabuhay (long live) to Pacman!

Pacman’s improved boxing skills shocked the world. But will he improve his skills as a politician? Right now local politicians already signified their intentions to join Pacman’s party. Yes this party could give an instantaneous knock out punch to their political rivals. But is Pacman aware that winning may not necessarily mean rightfully  delivering the goods to his constituents? For what good does it make a boxer to win only to disappoint his constituents for undelivered goods and services? I hope Pacman may prove his critics wrong.

Now Pacman has landed and he had been interviewed by the news hungry media. There is no victory parade as a usual practice everytime he brought home a championship belt, the WHO prevailed for the safety of thousands of fans who’ll come to see and cheer their idol. No problem anyway for Pacman, it may soon come in another time. Social distancing however was not observed as the champion embrace, shake hands, and kiss people around who came to greet him. 

What is important he does not talk about politics this time, he wants the entire country to be united and cherish his victory. After attending a Thanksgiving mass at the Black Nazarene Church in Quiapo, Manila Pacman thanked millions of his fans and supporter for their prayers. He is just happy as the entire nation is with his victory. But many of his critics are not happy with his outfit, while he looks macho with his hat he is not far also from portraying a gangster in the movie.

But whatever we say, Pacman is a hero who deserves a hero’s welcome. But wait, there is still Mayweather to contend with, will he seal another victory the second time arouny? And as Kim Atienza says, “ang buhay ay weather-weather lamang (life is just like a weather).

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8 Responses to “Welcome Home Pacman”

  1. Cocoy Says:

    Pacman is the P4P king.Pagdating sa boksing magaling si Pacquiao no doubt, pero ang pulitika tiyak nak out siya.

    I think patataubin rin ni Pacman si Mayweather.Inabuso na ni Mayweather ang kalusugan niya,madalas lasing,sugal at babae ang inatupag niya sa Las Vegas.Kaya gusto niyang bumalik sa ring dahil bankcrupt na siya.Winaldas niya ang mga milyones na kinita niya ng sikat pa siya.

    Ang mahirap nito kapag wala ng makakalaban si Pacman ay hindi na rin siya kikita ng pera.Kung talagang desperado na rin si Pacquiao ay aakyat na siya ng timbang sa 150 lbs at hindi na niya kakayanin ang suntok sa kanya ng kalaban, kapag ma knock out na siya ay malalaos na rin siya at makakalimutan na ng madlang pipol na katulad kay Navarette na sikat noong panahon niya.

  2. Cocoy Says:

    House Speaker Prospero Nograles urged fellow congressmen who left the country to submit to Department of Health (DOH) procedures upon their return.Those congressmaen who went to Las Vegas to bet on Pacquiao has been reported of A H1N1 infection.

    I chuckled and grinned reading this, for being a “constant reader” of news tabloids, actually I was browsing my internet for a woman of 90 years old to send her my greetings for mother’s day. Nognog plea to his fellow congressmen became an interesting topic for me. I had my laugh at his quip on how (Tom Cullen) spelled everything in the book “The Stand”, I began to realize that if this swine flu spreads, then fiction may just become reality. And how it could be? Those congressmen are all immune with “Porks”

    Though it does not appear, yet, that swine flu will reach the apocalyptic proportions in Congress,all the “Palakpak Boys” will be cremated it sure is spreading rapidly in a similar manner. With cases increasing daily adding more and more lawmakers to the list with infected members of congress, swine flu does feel eerily similar to pested chicken when it smell a cashew barbeque. Even the DOH are expecting to see increases of infections and more deaths as a result.They don’t want the Pacman to come home.

    The main scenario keeping today’s swine flu events from almost carbon copying is that there are not widespread fatalities and we are blessed that this is so. It means we have hope. However, an epidemic such as this is also considered to be a plague. One thing that, historically, plagues have accomplished is population control. In the end, it does Filipinos a favor, the country was cleansed of the chaff and corrupts. I can’t help but ponder if this is a forerunner of such a cleansing. If it is I will do what I have been doing watching and waiting.

  3. Cocoy Says:

    Wish it could be true! But Noggy boy over reacted. He want to sell his fantasy melodrama to Filipinos. Whether we are aware of it or not, we react to certain issues, news stories, incidents and occurrences. And reacting to anything is an important part of who we are.

    It’s what makes us human. And when word of the highly contagious H1N1 Swine Flu made news headlines, again there was a reaction. A pretty severe one at that.But in the midst of it all, contagious flu outbreak or not, did anyone ever stop to wonder that there was an over reaction?

    People watched their news broadcasts for updates on how many cases of the H1N1 Swine Flu were in their city, state and other places. For a second, I thought I was watching the latest Stephen King movie.That’s how much suspense seemed to be in the air. Everywhere you went, if you were brave enough to venture out into a crowded hotspot, and you trusted the high strength of your immune system, people talked about it as if it were the flu that was not only bringing mankind to his knees, but at the same time, it was here to wipe us out of the planet.

    Information and reaction are good. We all need a bit of both to sustain us, but when you are suddenly afraid to shake someone’s hand or to exercise your freedom by going to some public event, to the point where you feel a little paranoia coming on, was there some form of over reaction involved.

    It was pretty thought provoking. Over reaction pleading from the KSP House speaker.

    Note: My warmest sympathy goes out to the Pacman families and friends. Donya Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of Manny Pacquiao, is Malacanang’s “poster girl” for this year’s celebration of Mother’s Day. Although the plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills spent thousand hours and million of dollars to reconstruct her not so good looking face, Pokwang must be Happy! She still has a big chance.

  4. cindyrella Says:

    sanay wag na niyang bahiran ng politika ang pagiging hero niya sa ating mga pinoy. masyadong madumi ang politika para sa kanya..

  5. Segundina Says:

    Pahinga muna si Pacman. Matagal nang nadiyeta si Jinky. Panahon na para naman siya ang uupakan ni Pacman ng romansa marino. Who knows baka makagawa na naman si Pacman ng isa pang magmamana sa kanyang kayamanan hehehehe.

    Kuya Cocoy and Cindy thanks for your comments.

  6. Segundina Says:

    Wish ko lang, sana’y magduet sina nanay Diony at tita Glo sa Araneta Kolisyum habang pinanunood sila ng mga love birds na sina Korina Sanches at Mar Roxas.

  7. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Seg umarangkada na kanina ang parada ni Pakyow. Mainit ang pagsalubong sa kanya ng mga tao dahil napakainit ang panahon.
    Anyway may tanong ako sa iyo. Dapat bang hindi makisawsaw si madam president sa pagpili ng standard bearer ng administrasyon para sa 2010 presidential election?
    Sige good luck na lang sa plano ni manong Pakyo na maging kongresista. I know mananalo siya.
    May tanong ba ka mo si Dolphy, paano na kung manalo siya? E di gawin niya ang dapat, ang magserbisyo para sa tao. Kung papaano problema na na niya iyan, hehehe.

  8. Colegialagirl Says:

    Segundina may bagong bandang tumotogtog sa aking bahay. Pasyal ka nang makilala mo ang isang puppet na singer si…

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