The Green Card Holder

She had three children, two boys and a girl, before she left from the Philippines to the US on Tourist Visa aiming to settle there permanently. Her girl was barely six months old then which she left to her mother to take care. Grizana (not her real name) was confident she could petition later her family when she could get her green card.

But her ambition to be a green card holder did not come that easy; it’s elusively difficult to attain for a while. She failed to land for a good job being a tourist. She worked as a caregiver to a “home care” owned by a Filipino. Her job was so hard and stressful but paid only so little. She did not complain, she need a job to survive and to send some money to support a family she left in the Philippines.

Her visa already expired and could no longer renew it. She had to do something about it. She could not afford to come back to her country a failure lest her friends and associate would only laugh at  her. She’s an assistant supervisor to an IT company before going to the states and left a good job. She knew she could not get the same position again or worse could not land for a job back home. Somebody suggested her to divorce (kunwari lang) her husband and marry a citizen which she did. At first Manoling (not his real name) didn’t want the idea for he loves his wife but when his mother-in-law explained to him it’s only a “marriage for convenience” for his wife to be granted a permanent residence visa he conceded.

The “marriage for convenience” did not turn out the way the husband understood it (no sex with that guy) for one thing they have to convince immigration that “the newly wed couple” should be living as husband and wife. They had sex not only once but several times. Soon Grizana learned to love Tom (the black American guy she paid to marry her) because Tom was a good guy and good at “lovemaking.” She had been married for ten years with Manoling (and had three children with him) but she had not been that sexually satisfied. For so long she had been disappointed with Manoling, she had a regular sexual contact with him (at least twice each time they had it) but the guy kept her hangging all the time. They had limited foreplay, all Manoling did to to insert his penis to her vagina (even if it is still dry) and pumped so fast until he ejaculated. Not so with Tom, they have a long foreplay and when she’s already screaming of joy, her new husband would insert his long and fat penis and pumped her with different positions to finish the job. She could not ask for more, Tom made her a woman in every inch of her body and skin (and vagina as well) with his 10 inches long and  hardened instrument of joy. Manoling had only 4 inches which to her is now a nightmare even it it’s fat and rounded at the top like an electric bulb.

After 5 years of being a green card holder she finally became a US Citizen. She divorced Tom because of domestic violence and drug abuse. She earned much and decided to return to the Philippines to re-join the family she left. She had two children with Tom, all boys. She was expecting to brood and raise 5 children under one roof and if Manoling would accept her she want to remarry him. But it’s too late, Manoling filed a case for the dissolution of their marriage and got a favorable decision from the court. He had custody also of his three children as consequence of Grizana’s abandoning them. Manoling remarried a Christian woman who is now taking care of his children including a newborn girl from his new wife.

As a mother, Grizana tried to  win back the affection of her children but to no avail. The children were so outraged of what she did to them. She accepted her fault and left to the US with her two sons from Tom hoping the someday her children would understand and accept her.

She feared to come home a failure so she divorced her husband, abandoned her family, just to get a green card. She economically well of  now which her co-workers before are envious too when she met them for a dinner. But she could hardly say a word when they ask her about her children with Manoling. Now she understands that she’s even more of a failure herself than losing her former job. She lost her entire family in the Philippines, and even her dignity. Why, her children call her a slut which should not be addressed to a mother.

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8 Responses to “The Green Card Holder”

  1. KapitanKidlat Says:

    You can not win them all. What good does it make if you reach your goals and fulfill your ambitions but will lose your own family? This serves her right.

    Magtagumpay ka man sa isang bagay talo ka naman sa iba, wala rin. Hindi masama ang mangibang bansa dahil ginawa ko na rin iya pero huwag mo naman sana isasakripisyo ang iyong family sa Pilipinas.

  2. Cocoy Says:

    Ng dahil sa green card ipinagpalit ang pamilya.Marami na ang ganyang pangyayari.Nakakaawa pero totoo.Ang kawawa niyan ay iyung mga anak na apektado.

  3. Colegiala girl Says:

    Buti nga sa kanya. Mahilig kasi sa mahabang batuta. Kawawang Manoling hindi kaya siya katulad ng katukayo niyang lumalabas sa TV na may kasama pang dating sikat na artista?

  4. Kimuchi Says:

    Malas naman ni Manoling 4 inches lang ang kanya.HIHIHIHIHIHIH

  5. Segundina Says:

    May patong na nga iyan hehehehe.

  6. Segundina Says:

    Teka di ka ba nanghihinayang kay dok Kim? Nagluluksa ngayon si Colegiala dahil nasangkot sa sex scandal ang kanyang crush. Biruin mo maliit lang pala ang kanyang hehehehe.

    Nawalan siya tuloy ng inspirasyon hehehehe.

  7. cocoy826 Says:

    May tuliling pala itong doctor na crush ni Collegiala girl.

  8. Mer Pints Says:

    HIndi ko ho siya crush, masyado siyang guwapo sa isang mahinhin na katulad ko hehehehehe.

    Sira nga daw ang tuktuk kaya nagawa niyang maging porn star at gumamit ng hayden camera.

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