The Family and Social Order; Avoiding Another Maguindanao Massacre

The home plays a very important role in the development of and individual to become a functional and law abiding citizen of his country and community. If we have a weak family, we have weak individuals, weak leaders, and weak government. If we have a disturbed family, then we shall have a crime infested community.

As observed, the main problem the country is facing today is not due to weak economy but weak spirituality. If our leaders are spiritually strong then we shall have an honest and transparent system of government. The greed and lust of power that transpire in our social system is but a product of a morally corrupted environment where the home or family did not perform well its duties and functions. What the children see at home is a reflection of what they do in their very own society.

The politically motivated massacre that happened last week in Maguindano which caused the lives of some 64 people mostly women and journalists is but a by product of unhealthy home environment. Apparently there is something wrong with the kind of family or home environment those people involved the alleged rape and massacre of women have been raised. Did their parents teach them how to respect life, not to harm people particularly women and children? Where they raised as responsible individuals who abhor violence and respect existing laws of the land?

Unfortunately dereliction basic parental duties to your offspring is costly not only to your family but to the government and the society as a whole. You may not know it but you have just created a human monster or a beast that may harm people and rub our government treasury of capital resources, etc. Further aggravating the problem of corruption in the government and all forms violence and crime in the society is what people experience and observe in the environment where they live. All forms of learning is observed, transferred, and perfected. This may also apply to the proliferation of vices and crime.

Politics and “warlordism” have generated a culture of violence where the only thing that matters is money and the barrel of the guns in resolving any conflict, disputes and some other issues. If you have political connection then you have gold, guns, and goons. You become untouchable and you are in control of everything in your territory. In a system like this it is no longer the government and laws that control people and the society but people with power, money, arms, and connection to the highest echelon of the government. The thing is- they are tolerated for whatever reason.

So it is easy to kill, to rape women, and shoot them in their private parts. Horrendous, only the beasts not human could do such a satanic act and crime. This is supposed to be a civilized world. Don’t parents tell their children not to lie, to steal, cheat, and harm others? Did not their church tell them that only the devil could harm unarmed human beings? In the Muslim tradition women are respected and not harmed; journalists are supposed to be spared; but this had happened already.

The passion for violence starts from the family. What children see from the father or elders is what they are going to be when they become old. Political leaders who are supposed to correct and prevent these acts through law enforcement fail to perform their duties either by neglect or simply tolerating it. Where did your parent go wrong?

We become unnecessarily poor because of graft and corruption, criminality, vices, immorality, and indolence. What has our leaders who promised reforms and progress accomplished over the years to correct this problem? Nothing is done much because our family system has done nothing too to improve the upbringing and disciplining of children so that they become useful and responsible citizens.

The cycle of violence and corruption continues until the family does not really perform well its basic obligation and role as one of the most important units of the society.

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6 Responses to “The Family and Social Order; Avoiding Another Maguindanao Massacre”

  1. Colegialagirl Says:

    The family that preys together stays together…

    Kung ano ang nakikita ng bata sa mga magulang ay siya rin niyang ginagawa.

    Massacre? Saan nagkamali ang mga magulang?

  2. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Many Filipinos are stubborn and undisciplined, partly to blame is the community which has tolerated minor infractions of the law. But it is the family that has to blame for failing to perform its roles and responsibilities. The Church likewise has never been the effective in shaping the moral values of the people because the religious people themselves did not actually perform well as the role model on how to be morally upright. Politics has further deepened and widen the infraction of the law from minor to major crimes involving election fraud, plundering governmental resources, injustices, killings of people, etc. Change does not start with the government, it starts with the family.

    Di ba family and dahilan din ng massacre na iyan, family interest?

  3. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Speaking of discipline we need people who can really discipline undisciplined Filipinos and deliver public services efficiently. I am not saying you must vote for Gordon and Fernando but we need people of this resolve to govern us. Of course there are many people there vying for elective position who could do much as well.

  4. HaydeenKoi Says:

    Ay ma’am Segundina they say history begins at home. Is this true because bad people to make the criminality are from home of parents without discipline. They do not know how to teach their children.

    But the Ampatuan case may be home base because from the home they learn the attitude of their parents to be matapang ang fighting fighting the other people so they will become the Lord of the politics.

    You are correct because we have the school to teach but the parents will be the one to control their children so that they will not become the criminal of the society.

  5. Politically Incorrect Says:


    The declaration of martial law by President Arroyo Saturday, December 5, 2009, through Proclamation 1959, confirms that the November 23, 2009 Maguindanao massacre poses a national threat that in reality endangers the whole Philippines, not just Mindanao.

    It would indicate that, contrary to earlier belief, the killing of 57 people in the province in broad daylight, carried out principally to prevent a political foe of the Ampatuans from submitting his certificate of candidacy for the governorship of Maguindanao, now has serious and urgent repercussions on national security.

    I will not therefore be surprised if, in the next several days, more and more areas not just in Mindanao but in the entire Philippines as well will be placed, first, under a state of emergency, and, later, under martial law or some other emergency rule, invoking the same gruesome murder.

    Indeed, the Maguindanao massacre could even escalate as an international problem involving other Muslim nations and their supporters, unless authorities of the Arroyo government manage to solve this problem real soon, which, unfortunately, it is not perceived to achieve.

  6. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Pauwi na kami ni Tisay nang may batang nakaharang sa daan at naglalaro. Hininto namin ang sasakyan baka masagasahan. Pinapaalis namin pero ayaw umalis. Nainis na si Tisay at binosenahan. Umalis din sa huli ngunit nagbigay pa ng dirty finger ang bata.

    Anong klaseng magulang ang mayroon ang batang ito. Saan niya napulot ang pag-didirty finger?

    Kung may dapat sisihin sa mga ganitong attitude ng mga bata ay mga magulang mismo at gayon din ang kanilang environment kung saan ay may mga napupulot silang maling gawain.

    Noong ideklara ni Marcos ang martial law ay may objective siya. Sa ikauunlad ng bayan ay disiplina ang kailangan.

    Sa iba ay nag-work ito ngunit marami pa rin ang di tumino.

    Mismong mga militar at nasa poder ng gobierno noong araw ay wala silang disiplina.

    Siguro para mareporma ang bayan at mga tao, kailangan ng genuine social at spiritual transpormation.

    Ano na ang nagawa ng paaralan dito, ang simbahan, at ang gobierno?

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