POLITICIAN’S BROKEN PROMISES- (Yes, may pag-asa pa!)

It’s a heated political discussion in Secondlady’s Parliament of the Extreme. The wise and the fool want to trace the roots of poverty and underdevelopment in this land. These wise men and women pretending as senators and congressmen are now closing in to the eye of the problem. They temporarily abandoned the concept of greed, ignorance, and incompetence in the government so as not to see a couple of horns in their heads.

Gloria, not her excellency, raised the question: ” Is there such a thing as politician’s broken promises?”

But Randy the KSP and pasaway made fun with her question.

“Why did somebody promise you a grand wedding but instead ran away with a gay?”

Laughter followed. I had to intervene.

“This is a serious class discussion, behave or I’ll send you out.”

Emong the OFW son manifested his intention to participate. Permission was granted.

“Ma’am Seg, my classmates I just want to be clarified about a few things in relation to our topic. First, in the use of the word ‘promise.’ What is that being ‘promised’ by the politician? His platform of goverment or the programs/services he intends to do/accomplish during his/his term of office; second how does a politician arrive at his platform of government? Is it with consultation to people around him or he just based it on what he things/knows as best and right for the interest of his country and people; and third, for a politician to pursue his platform of government he has to translate everything into specific programs and services to be implemented. The question is this, are people involved (particularly those in the grassroots) in the identification of these needs, problems, solutions and their aspirations to keep the public official busy during his term of office? If not, nothing worthwhile is expected hence the notion of a broken promise.”

Samantha, the free thinker in the class raised her hand. I acknowledged her.

And she said: “Emong used the term “platform of government.” Is it really a “platform of government” that he is talking or he means a “political/party platform?” To me kasi, the the term platform of government is a more neutral term, it is a collective vision of what a government should be. This is people’s ideal not necessarily be that of a politician and his party.”

“And what’s the point you’re driving at Samantha Samantha?” I asked.

“Whether you are LP, NP, PALAKA, PM, KBL, UNO, etc., when you talk of platform of government your ideals and goals to serve goes beyond the boundaries of your personal/party interest. Everything you do is for the general interest of the majority of your people/constitutents, be they are rich or poor. And this is what Emong is saying as consultative goverment/governance. But I bet, most of these politicians are mouthing only the political platform of their party. It may not necessary address the needs of the majority but of the few. E, sabi pa naman, the government exists for the interest of the majority not of the few.”

Before I could say something somebody called our attention that Gloria’s question is not yet answered.

Joy the pragmatic mind stood up and said: “Kaya nga iyong sinasabi ninyong broken promises is a result of subordinating people’s interests over personal and party’s interest. The politician once elected into office has to attend first to his party’s interest, particularly those who support him during elections rather than those of his general constituents when it comes to implementation of programs and services. Siempre uunahin niya kaagad iyong mga bomoto sa kanya. Ladies and gentlemen this is partisan politics. This is the root of all the evil of governance in this country.”

Laughter and much applause followed.

“Para kang si Brenda niyan,” somebody shouted.

“Hey tumigil ka diyan, if you really know something makipag-participate ka ng maayos.

I saw somebody raising his hand at the corner. It’s Joel the son of a minister and the class’s moralist.

“Okay class let’s hear from Joel. Joel…”

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death (Proverbs 14:12). The problem with us is that people have impinged their hopes to the politicians with the notion these men and women in the government chosen by the majority of the electorate to serve are fix-all technicians. Governance is a participative process, tell them what you need and discuss how you collectively act on it. Ma’am Seg said once, no public servant is really a servant at all. If I understand her right, sa akin lang, kung gusto ng mga tao ang pagbabago ay kumilos din sila. They too have to participate. She used the term “makialam.”

Somebody butted in. “Kaya nga hindi tayo nagkakaisa masyadong maraming pakialamero diyan. We have an abused system and abused exercise of democracy. The government, politicians and officials at that, are overwhelmed by so many issues and problems of the country. They just don’t know where and how to start. They are at lost how to satisfy everybody. And they just don’t know what else project they do to make money.”

Metring, the working student, also expressed what is in her mind. “First of all I would like to say there is an incongruence of minds– from the government institutions, the politicians, officials, and the people. People are also divided on what they think as the problem of the country. The government institutions plan and propose budget to fulfil their mandates based on their studies and feedback from their own people in the field; and what the politicians understand about programs and services is nothing but personal accomplishments which will have an impact to the electorates later. It may not be the need, it may not be the solution to the need, it’s a kapalpakan. Suma tutal, nagpapapogi lang. For all you know what they claim as accomplishments are failed projects to the people. Perhaps you can even say- to those who failed to see the significance of these projects may consider the same as ‘the broken promises’ of ‘an honest government sana’ kung hindi nila ito pinagkakitaan.”

And now the activist mind stood up and said: “The government is a system of power which reside on the will of the people. But the politicians thwart this ideal once in power. Once elected they think they are now the power themselves not the people. Classic example the Maguindanao case. They are now the government, they are now the laws, they are now in control of everything including the people’s mind. They say to the people, this is your need, and this is what the government can do. And all of these things ay ‘utang na loob ninyo’ sa aming mga politicians.”

Raising his fist he said, “down with all those politicians who act more for the advantage of foreign interest than our national interest. Mga nagpapagamit lang iyan, mga salot na sanhi ng paghihirap ng mga tao. They promised to pursue the welfare and interest of the people but sad to say they preserve instead the interest of their capitalist masters. It’s not on hanging projects and services alone which they have failed in their promises, it is on subordinating the interest of their nation for their personal gain. Example? Ito, Seg este Sec. may dalawang daan ka rito.”

His political statement created much laughters and uproar in the class.

I wish I could have more time with them discussing political issues. This is not a political science course, it’s a class on social problems and development. But we all agree on one thing, a political problem is a social problem, and a social problem is a political problem. Both impair efficient and honest governance. We have graft and corruption in the government because it runs in the system. People are fragmented by their political party affiliations. We perceive that politicians, businessmen, industrialists, and foreign powers have a hand on this. In a highly corrupt and politicized system, all what the people could expect from them politicians are nothing but broken promises. The have a faulty view of their political platform, they neglect people’s interest to give way to their party interests. And when they talk about programs and services, it is not on what the people want but on what they believe is useful and necessary to them.

But as they say it in the neighborhood, puwera de los buenos. Which means while there are corrupt public officials and politicians there are also a few good ones. But their tribe is still need to increase. Until such time we see more of them, we will never be done with politician’s broken promises.

My students do not showcase the best minds in the world. Many of them are struggling to survive in many of their subjects. But there is one strength (a glimpse of hope for tomorrow) I see in them, they are aware of issues and they will never give up on what they believe is right. Yes, right for their country.

Our class is no Senate, although one or two attempted to be a clown in the circus. But these are serious students who still believe, we are not done yet with the Philippines.

Yes, may pag-asa pa!

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15 Responses to “POLITICIAN’S BROKEN PROMISES- (Yes, may pag-asa pa!)”

  1. Mrivera Says:

    Whatever is broken can be retrieved and mended together but will never be the same as it was. Nariyan ang lamat.

    Mahirap panghawakan ang mga pangakong malayo sa katotohanan. Katulad din ‘yan ng itlog kapag dumulas sa kamay at nabasag, hindi na nga magiging bugok subalit hindi na rin kailanman mapipisa upang maging sisiw na kapag lumaki ay muling mangingitlog.

  2. secondlady Says:

    I like your analogy of the egg kuya. May mga manok panabong na sure winner, mayroon din diyang magaling lang sa pormahan. Kapag binitawan na lipad pati ipinusta.

    Maraming sumusugal ngayon sa ating mga pulitiko, sa kanilang mga pangako. Marami ding umasa sa mga pangakong napako. Ang mahalaga, sa una at pangalawang pagkakadapa ay matututo na sana. Kaso hindi dahil lagi pa ring nabibihag ang iba sa tamis magsalita nitong mga glib tongue na pulitiko.

    Isyu ng kahirapan kung ano ang puno at dulo nito dapat ang topiko, pumasok ang usapan sa mga pulitiko. May lumabas na isyu mali daw ang sistema, hindi dapat lang umaasa ang mga tao, dapat kasama sila sa pagkilos ng pulitiko. Kaso makakapayag ba ang mga ito?

    Ito ang riyalidad, mulat na ang ating mga kabataan. Ngunit habang ang sistemang pinaairal ay hindi pa rin magbabago, lahat na minimithing pagunlad ng bansa ay sa bugok lang na pangako mapupunta.

    Parang gusto kung ipasa sila lahat sa galing nila. A grade of 75 percent for mid-term mataas na di ba, hehehehe.

  3. Mrivera Says:

    75% sa midterm?

    Mataas na nga ‘yun, pero para sa akin ay malupit kang sitser.

    Ako nga, ang pinakaekselent kong marka noong nag-aaral ako ay 74.5%, eh. Mahal na mahal kasi ako ng aking kras na sitser. Wala kasi siyang tagabitbit ng bag kapag binigyan niya ako ng passing grade na 75%.

  4. secondlady Says:

    Sige dagdagan ko na lang. 75.9% wala na silang masabi niyan, hehehehe.

  5. Mrivera Says:

    Ayan. Magtatalunan na sa tuwa ang mga istyudents mo. Maghanda ka na lang pantali at baka mag-wild.

    Ganyan talaga. Sometimes your should be a little strict but not very mahigpit at huwag din namang sobrang lenient dahil baka sila ma-ispoyl.

  6. Mrivera Says:

    What Manny can’t do, money can buy.

    I was almost carried away and fascinated by his choo-choo train privilege speech sa senate, tapos ay mala-Palos na umalis.

    Hindi siya bastos!

    Tapos itong mga aso rin niya sa senado ay hindi nagsisipot kaya hindi nagkaroon ng korum. Ganyan ba ang pinapasuweldo natin at pinapataba sa pork? ‘Yan ba ang isang ipinangako nilng panbgangalaga sa ating kapakanan noong sila’y nangangampanya?

    Kapag ibinoto pang muli ng mga tao at nagsipanalo ang ang labindalawang hudas na ‘yan, hindina sa kangkungan lang tayo pupulitin kundi sa imburnal o sa poso negro na rin.

  7. chi Says:

    Basta meron pang mga kabataan na progresibo ang pag-iisip ay may pag-asa ang Pinas. Kaya lang ang napapansin ko ay kapag natapos ng mag-aral ang mga yan at nagkarun ng responsiblidad na personal sa buhay ay kung minsan naiiba ang takbo ng isip dahil na rin sa pangangailangan.

    Kaya para sa akin ay dapat lubusin ang isip kabataan na ganyan bago sila tumanda at maimpluwensyahan ng negatibong kapaligiran political.

  8. HaydeenKoi Says:

    Kasi ho when you are working na ay nagiisip ka na ring magkapamilya. You forgetting na ang mga pinagaralan mong good manners and right conducts sa school. Gusto mo nang kumita ng pera, your panlasa ay sus Maria, high class na kaya.

    Iyon na po madam ang kwinto ng buhay. School Jani po ako for a long years and I know iyong mga dating student leaders noon they are already the Mayor or Tongresma at gobernador na. Ay, malakas pa sila sa mga buwaya of krokodile farm na mangurakot.

  9. Colegialagirl Says:

    Sa lahat ng mga taga Tondo ito ang takbohin. Naimagine ko tuloy kung papaano nangigigil ang mga kasamahan niyang senador para maginterpilato. Hindi na sila nakainterpilato dahil mabilis na tinawag ni Judas ang hari ayon na rin sa bilin sa kanya ni Ka Sesaryo ng Roma.

    Ay buhay! Mabuti pa kay mang Haydeen at hindi niya tinatakbohan ang mga inorder na kape sa restoran ng Intsik kahit kulang na sa budget. Pinapapalista na lang. Hehehe.

    Ito ang tunay na taga Tondo.

  10. Colegialagirl Says:

    Iyong mga naglayas naman na senadoors, puwedi ba huwag na po ninyong uulitin pa ang inyong ginawa?

    Kayo po ang laman ng mga diskusyon sa mga klasroms. Mabuti kung magaganda ang mga sinasabi nila, hindi po you honors.

  11. Colegialagirl Says:

    Hoy Segganda, may ibubulong ako sa iyo. Nainggit na naman iyong mga kumare mo doon sa instant debate na nangyari sa kalasrom mo. Magpapadede din daw sila. Ewan ko lang kung tayo pa ang natatakpan ng kanilang trayump o laylay na as in Saging ni Pacing. Babooo.

  12. Mer Pints Says:

    Seg nasa parlor ko si Ka Andress Bonifacio kasama niya si ka Manny Villar. Sumisigaw sila ngayon ng sugod mga kapatid, kainan na!


  13. e cigarette cartridges Says:

    Gave up the cigarettes (40 per day x 48 years) accidentally after a few hours of using the electronic cigarette – real cigarettes tasted foul and they have stayed unlit ever since. Not one single craving. Quite amazing.

  14. Colegialagirl Says:

    Except that its more expensive than an ordinary cigar or cigarette.

  15. TruBlue Says:

    Just do it cold turkey! I did it on October 22nd, 1971 after having smoked for seven years. Smoking wasn’t for me….I turned my attention to more amazing creatures: women! oooppppp…..

    OT: Cocoy’s Delight kitchen is still warm…..just a comment. Check it out and share your thoughts. Cheers!

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