Thy Condom Comes; The Politics of Contraceptives

This is the news, “Women activists present condoms to Philippine bishops.” What’s new? The Philippine Catholic bishops have been waging a bitter war with the government against the use of contraceptives. The Catholic church has never been weakened with its stiff stand against Family Planning and the use of artificial methods of birth control.

The Philippine Catholic Bishops have always been critical of any administration or political parties that support birth control and family planning. In fact presidential aspirants in the like of Senator Noynoy Aquino have been very careful with their stand with regards to population issues. The Bishop can always call on the Catholic faithful some 75 millions out of the 90 to 100 million Filipinos not to vote for any candidate who supports the family planning program of the government. One of the important criteria the good Bishops are looking to any politician vying for an elective position in the government is his policies and stand on the issues of family planning and birth control.

Even if President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo knows the significance of high birth rate in combating poverty problems in the Philippines, having been once a DSWD secretary, she tends to be careful with its population management program so as not to provoke the ire of the already critical Clergies to her administration. The bishops also took advantage of the government soft stand on Family Planning and birth control by calling for a ban on the advertisement of condom however the Arroyo’s administration only shrugged off their demands.

As if trying to maim the bishops stiff opposition on birth control and contraceptives, here comes Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral (former DSWD Secretary) “handing out condoms on February 13 as part of an information campaign on HIV-AIDS.” Her action may not necessarily be the collective stand of the government but nobody in the bureaucracy stood up to sanction her. She had not violated any law, she just exercised her political independence to promote actions responsive for the health and general welfare of the entire population. Yet the Bishops angrily called for her to resign.

But Health Secretary Cabral found allies on women’s health and rights advocate groups like the Party of the Workers who picketed and presented two baskest full of condoms at the headquarters of the Catholic Bishops Conference.

Judy Ann Miranda, the party’s secretary-general asked the bishops to “bless the condoms as a conciliatory gesture to unite for reproductive health and women’s rights” but unfortunately no bishop was around to receive/bless it.

As a response to the women activists action the bishops said, through spokesman Monsignor Pedro Quitorio, that they could not compromise on the church’s opposition to birth control devices. Again, a manifestation of the unwavering Catholic dogma on contraceptive devices which are perceived to tamper with the flow of nature and life. They the bishops however have no specific response on how to promote women’s reproductive health and quality of life.

“If contraceptives are immoral, nothing can change that… not even the vote of the whole country can change that,” Quitorio said. But should he not consider also immoral to see the health of women deteriorate just because couples are denied on the used of contraceptive devices. I think there is nothing more immoral than allowing spread of diseases and overpopulating the limited space we have in this country just because we can not control our rapid population growth.

And going back to politics, is the issue on contraceptives a leverage for a politician to improve his chances of winning in the presidential race? Will the good bishops support senator Manny Villar if he makes a covenant with the Catholic Church in the Philippines never to support legislative measures that advocate the use of contraceptives and other birth control devices? What will happen to the leading presidential candidate on surveys now should he decide to go against the bishops on their resistance to contraceptives and population control programs of the government?

So there we go, peace on earth and condom to all!

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27 Responses to “Thy Condom Comes; The Politics of Contraceptives”

  1. Colegialagirl Says:

    What an interesting topic. Condom for priest, bakit ayaw tanggapin iyong dalawang baskets na puno ng condom. Baka naman puro XL lang at walang pang-small size doon, hehehe.

  2. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Ayaw ng mga Obispo ang gumamit ng condom kasi wala naman silang mga asawang paggagamitan.
    Problema kasi bayan dumarami na tayo at mahirap nang pagkasyain ang ating mga resources para tustusan ang pangangailangan ng lumolobong papolasyon.
    Ngayon at naglipana ang mga nagbebenta ng laman mahirap nang sugpoin ang prostitusyon. Kaya para doon sa mga nangigigil lagi condom lang ang katapat ng di magkasakit ng HIV.
    Kawawang mga kababaihan kung walang devices para sa birth control lalo lamang silang mahihirapan sa panganganak.
    Puwedi ba mga Obispo na lang ang magbuntis kung gusto nilang ipagbawal ang condom?
    Sabi nga ng aking stateside na girlfriend, condom muna kahit “minipos” na hehehe.

  3. MariJo-An Says:

    Firstly, the Catholic Bishops are NOT critical of family planning. They are critical of anything that will go against the natural flow of life. Family planning involves RESPONSIBILITY towards one’s decision to create a family and decide on the size of the same, mindful of being able to raise responsible citizens of a nation and children of God. RESPONSIBILITY involves knowing one’s limitations over the life that COMES from God; that we are NOT the author of life, but GOD; that our RIGHTS over our lives is LIMITED, meaning, we HAVE NO RIGHT to decide whether to allow or not allow that life to become.

    Secondly, the distribution of condoms as an excuse for women’s health and prevention of AIDS-HIV, is obviously immoral, since the act allows prostitution. Is this what we want of our women? Is this not just another way of bringing the health of women in danger? Not just the health of women is put in danger, but further development of an immoral/moral less society. and ultimately a GODLESS society. Then what will happen to us as a people? As a nation? Let us learn from the many stories in the Holy Scriptures, lest we end up in the same manner: annihilated from this world.

    Thirdly, is it the fault of the Church if these women contract diseases sexually transmitted? Will the Church have to be blamed by the irresponsibility of these women, who indulge in sex as they wish, unmindful of any sense of morality?

    It is so easy for us to criticize the Church for what She stands for. But we are so slow to see that what She stands for and defends precisely are the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be careful or we shall meet our doom’s day. Look around. Signs of this are coming.

  4. Mrivera Says:

    Miss Mari-Joan,

    Bakit naman imoralidad kaagad ang tumbok ng iyong punto? Maliwanag naman ang panig ng simbahan, ah? Mahirap na lang kasing makipagtalo sa bulag na katwiran, eh. Hindi gusto ng simbahan ang pagpaplano ng pamilya dahil natatakot silang balang araw ay kokonti na lang ang papasok sa simbahan kung malilimitahan ang panganganak ng mga Katolikong mananampalataya. Hindi nila gustong bigyan ng pagkakataon ang bawat mag-asawa na magdesisyon kung ano ang tamang dami ng bilang ng mga anak na kaya nilang suportahan sa paraang nais nila kundi sa INIUUTOS ng mga obispo.

    Sino ba itong mga obispong ito? Sila ba ang may hawak ng ating kinabukasan?

    Sa halip na maging gabay sila sa pananampalataya ay nagiging parang mga diktador silang nanghihimasok sa ating paniniwala.

    Bakit ba naghihirap ang Pilipinas ngayon? Sino ba ang mga banal na katulong sa pagluluklok sa pinakawalanghiyang babaeng nasa malakanyang na hindi na gustong bumitiw sa kapangyarihan?

  5. KapitanKidlat Says:

    I-welcome ko muna si MariJo-An, in behalf of Seg and our regular blogger-friends na palaging tumatambay dito.
    Ayus ang mga banat mo ma’am at sana palagi kayong mapasyal dito at makabalitaktakan namin sa mga isyu.
    Welcome na Welcome ka dito miss MariJo-An.

  6. KapitanKidlat Says:

    In my humble opinion madam it is the Bible, the Word of God, that can only define what is sinful and what is not. As God-fearing children we all want to abide by His words, He being the truth, the way, and the light.
    Number 6 of the Ten Commandments say: Thou shalt not kill (Exodus 20:13). Christians and non-Christians agree that life has to be respected. We are all against abortion, except when the life of the mother is threatened. By all means when a healthy woman becomes pregnant she has to deliver that baby and takes care of him/her. You are right we need to be responsible with regards to the size of our family. We need to limit it is to the number which we can (as parents) comfortably support. Our parental responsibility goes beyond providing the basic needs, our children need to be educated and culturally developed. Family Planning is just a means to arrive at a comfortable level or size of a family. But that includes also spacing of children, and we do this through natural and artificial methods of birth control.
    Is the artificial method of birth control a sin? It is not. The Bible is clear on what is immoral. There is no tampering of nature here, we are only avoiding unwanted pregnancies. It is only when we tamper with life (abortion) that we are going against the flow of nature and committing a murderous act. But not allowing the ovum and sperm to meet is no abortion at all. How does the Bible define the flow of nature? Is it not God’s act? When we commit adultery that is immoral because it is against the Nature of God which is righteous and Holy. Is family planning and birth control going against the righteousness of God? Yes, if you apply it on your illicit affair. But not if this course of action is within the bounds of your matrimony. Maybe we can open the Bible and look for verses and passages that specifically say, birth control (natural or artificial that is) is a sin. Or are you basing your restrictions on birth control on the basis of Catholic dogma and traditions?
    I agree with you using condoms to act as a protection for infection, if you engage in immoral sexual acts is a sin. But if I use condom when I engaged with my legal wife as a protection against UTI, I don’t find it a sin.
    Doom’s day, to my knowledge madam (as I learned from our friend Dr. Bobonyo, now Pastor Bob) happens only to people who have “embraced the teachings of the Beast” but not to those who have given their life to Jesus and live according to the light of His righteousness and teachings. Again we can open the Bible and discuss lengthily on this subject matter.
    We need not blame the Church in exercising its function to safeguard the moral values of the people. If people engaged in immoral sex and get HIV so be it , but the Church is not responsible for their action. But if the Church prohibits contraceptives to safeguard the health of married women, then that is immoral.
    But you are entitled to your own opinion madam as I am. This is a healthy discussion and I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  7. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Pareng Mags,
    As a former Population Education trainor, ako ay naniniwala sa mga sinabi mo. Nasa mag-asawa ang desisyon kung gusto nilang magplano ng kanilang pamilya o hindi. All we could do as Family Planning motivators noon ay paalalahanan lang sila. Kung ayaw nila ay di huwag. Bakit mo ba pipilitin.Pero kung gusto nila at pipigilin aba lantarang pakikiaalam na iyan sa personal na karapatan ng isang tao.
    I understand where the church is coming pero sa takbo ng ating buhay ngayon, kailangan talagang malimitahan na ang dami nating mga Pilipino. Without birth control our population grows in multiplicative proportion. Ang dapat daw sabi ni professor Segundina ay arithmetical. Isa o dalawang anak puwedi na. Kung labing dalawa ang mga iyan at magmultiply times 3 aba 36 kaagad na katao ang naiambag mo sa pagdami ng ating populasyon. E manganganak pa ang anak ng kanilang anak? With a young population like ours, aba maraming capable na magbuntis niyan from 13 to 45 years old na babae.
    Mabuti na lang tinutupad ng dalawang dalaga dito ang kanilang panata, contribute no more, hahaha!

  8. Mrivera Says:


    Ang tanong ko lang sa mga obispo, BULAG ba sila at hindi makita ang laganap na kahirapan bunga ng lumolobong populasyon ng bansa? O, BINGI sila at hindi marinig ang panaghoy ng mga paslit na kahit tubig ay walang maipadede ang magulang na walang hanapbuhay?

    Baka naman kaya ngongo na itong mga banal na obispo natin at hindi nila maipaliwanag nang maayos ang kanilang posisyon tungkol sa tamang pagpaplano ng pamilya?

    Ano ba talaga ang tamang paraang alam nila. Nausubukan na ba nila kaya?

    Dapat idemonstreyt muna nila sa mag-asawa kung ano’ng method ang epektibo, di ba?

  9. reyna elena Says:

    kung ako lang, hahayaan ko na ang simbahan sa kagustuhan nila na ibawal lahat nang sako na itsurang condom para tapos ang awayan.

    hala, anak lang nang anak. para di magalet ang simbahan.

    pero it works both ways di ba? alangan namang responsabilidad lang nang mga nanga-nganak.

    kaya ang katatungan:

    1.) ano ang programa nang simbahan sa kahirapan? dasal?
    2.) ano ang programa nang simbahan na mabigyan nang mabuting pag-aaral ang mga dumarating sa mundo? katekismo lang?
    3.) ano ang programa nang simbahan para matigil ang kahirapan?


  10. Colegialagirl Says:

    Ang mga pari po ay immune sa kahirapan (di ba may vow of poverty sila?) kaya ang sa kanila ay madali lang ang maging mahirap. Pero kung maranasan nila ang lumangoy sa basura at kumain ng mga tira-tirang pagkain na napupulot sa mga basurahan ewan ko lang kung hindi nila sasabihin ora mismo, tama na, sobra na, tigilan na ang panggigil. Kung ayaw sige mag-condom na kayo!!!

    Pero sabi ko lang naman iyon kasi makunat pa sa inuyat ang paninindigan ng mga iyan, hehehe.

  11. MariJo-n Says:

    Minerva, hindi sa nagbubulag-bulagan. The Church was established by Our Lord Jesus Christ to lead us to the Will of the Father and to the teachings of Jesus. She has been given that priveledge and power to expound on Our Lord’s teachings. If we do not acknowlege that, then deception comes to us so cunningly as a serpent. And that exactly is what is happening now. So many of those who have not given the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Will of the Father priority, are deceived without them knowing it. The Scripture says: “…my people perish for lack of knowledge.” And our sense morality is little – by – little perishing, prcisely because of this lack of knowledge, because of people’s biases regarding the position of the Church in regard to so many moral issues She is confronting.
    Aagaian, let us be careful. We might think we are on the right track, but it might just lead us to our damnatin.

  12. MariJo-An Says:

    Thank you, KapitanKidlat! I perfctly understand your point. On this, I only hope that eveyone receives greater enlightenment on this issue.

  13. MariJo-An Says:

    KapitaKidlat, hindi kasi ako naniniwala na kailangan i-control ang population. Ang alam ko maraming sakim sa resources na patuloy tayong binibigyan ng Panginoon, at ito ay not properly distributed, para maibsan ang kahirapan at ang apparent na kakulangan nito.
    By advocating this progam, we can end up like the countries which initiated this and continue to work on this, so that they can have the power to cntrol the whole world., and be master of it. So much billions is spent for this program by the western countries to annihilate people they consider inferiors.
    How I wish I can send you materials on this and see for yourself how evil has deceived people advocating this idea.

  14. KapitanKidlat Says:

    Thanks for your reaction MariJo-An and I agree with most of your points though we differ in our views in terms of pegging down high fertility rate and curving incidence of birth rate. It is not controlling population but denying the population of the crisis “population explosion” may cause. With depleted natural resources and highly polluted environment of people, life on earth will be more of a “hell” than “heaven” as everyone of us expect it to be.
    We are all stewards of God placed on earth to take care and harnessed everything He created. But what kind of stewards we are when we destroy and deplete our natural resources just because our population keep on growing to unmanageable proportions?
    Yes the greedy greed exploit our rapid population growth for the expansion of their business and industries. They produce more because they sense our population keep on growing; and for as long as there is a need to satisfy their business will always thrive.
    Now mother earth is suffering because industrialists and business people have over-exploited our natural resources to feed and satisfy the growing needs of ever growing population.
    Overpopulation is always a part of the equation when we talk of poverty, environmental degeneration, peace and order, drug abuse and vices, housing shortages, family problems, etc.
    I am pro-life (but I am more for a good quality of life) but population growth should be more for population replacement no population explosion.
    This is a healthy discussion and I am interested to hear more from you. Thank you.

  15. Mrivera Says:

    Miss Mari Jo-An,

    Mrivera po. Hindi Minerva. At saka boy na ho ako. Matagal na.

    Siguro, hindi mo pa nararanasan ang magutom, hane? That’s why you do not believe it is necessary to control our population and just train your gun to those who you say are controlling the resources, di ba? If so, why not question the corrupt practices of the politicians who were perceived by the bishops as God’s instrument to spring us up from poverty, most especially that woman with a mole like a bangaw on her face to moderate their greed?

    Sino ba ang katulong sa paglalagay sa kanila sa poder? Ang sumuporta sa panlilinlang ng mga kawatang naninirahan ngayon sa malakanyang?

    Di ba’t ang mga obispo?

    Hindi ba’t mas malakas ang boses ng mga obispo noong balak patalsikin ang mga masisiba sa kayamanan at kapangyarihan kahit naghuhumiyaw na ang mga ebidensiya ng katiwalian, hindi lamang once, hindi lamang twice, kundi hanggang the end of our lives?

  16. Mer Pints Says:

    Hindi man nating aminin, may kaugnayan ang isa’t isa. Over population is related to poverty, and poverty is related to exploitation by the rich to the poor. Greedy politicians come into power by using and exploiting the poor electorates.
    With greedy politicians and corrupt leaders found themselves in all levels of governance graft and corruption in the government shall extensively prevail.
    With government resources being plundered at all level social services may suffer, no government support goes to the poor to emancipate them from poverty. Likewise the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Meanwhile the population keeps on growing to increase further the magnitude of our social problems.

  17. Mrivera Says:

    Masamang balita!

    But in my take, mas akma ang ganireng balita:

    Mga BUWAYA’t SAWA, LINTA at BUWITRE, HUNYANGO’t MANDURUGAS, naglalabasan na naman dahil malapit na ang eleksiyon.

  18. Mrivera Says:

    We are so much focused on searching for the right candidates but unmindful and unaware of what those vultures are doing behind our back:

    Hindi ba mas nakakatakot magising kinabukasan na UBOS na ang ariarian ng Pilipinas at itinakas ng mga gahaman sa pangunguna ng pamilyang ganid sa kayamanan?

    Mahigit siyam na taong ginago tayo ng mga demonyong ‘yan ang nagkatawang tao, mga kunyaring maaamong asal hayop naman sa totoo.

    Pilipinas, kailan ka pa matututo? Saan ka patutungo pagkatapos nito?

    Ikaw kasi Juan, patulog tulog sa pansitan. Para kang bakang may tali sa ilong. Kung saan ka hilahing direksiyon doon ka pupunta kahit alam mong bangin na ang iyong kahuhulugan.

  19. Doc.bobonyo Says:

    Maganda itong topic kasi may katanungan tayong dapag sagutin. Ilang anak ba ang gusto ng ating Panginoon na magkaroon tayo? Isa pang katanungan, ano ang gusto ng Diyos na ating gawin sa bawat anak na mayroon tayo? Di ba alagaan, pag-aralin, at buhayin sila? Isang tanong na naman, kung masyadong napakarami ang mga anak na ating binubuhay at inaalagaan, hindi nga kaya nagkakasala din tayo kung ating napapabayaan ang mga iba at hindi naibibigay ang sapat na pangangailangan nila? Tumbokin ko na, walang dapat ipangamba sa pagpaplano ng Pamilya. Biblically speaking there is nothing wrong if married couples practice birth control or spacing of children. Tama si Kap na mga stewards tayo sa daigdig na ito kaya kailangang protektahan natin, mahalin, dahil bigay ito ng Diyos sa atin.

  20. Doc.bobonyo Says:

    May bagong article ako baka gusto ninyong basahin, it’s all about winning. The lessons from the boxing match between Clottey and Pacquio.

  21. MariJo-An Says:

    Para kay Doc.bobonyo: Wala namang pinagtatalunan sa pagplaplano ng pamilya. Ako ay galing sa malaking angkan ng mga Paredes ng Ilocos. Dose-dosena and mga anak ng bawa’t mag-asawa. Madalang ang pamilya Paredes na maliit ang mag-anak. Nguni’t ang bawa’t mag-asawa ay naitaguyod ng maayos ang kani-kanilang mga anak. I have an auntie who had 17 children, 4 boys and 13 girls. Their father was a simple company lawyer of the then Gentex, and their mother was a SWA employee. They lived a simple, honest, life. When their father, ran for Governor in Abra and won, he was known, just as then the Don Quintin Paredes lived, to be an honest politicican. Like Don Quintin, he passed away with integrity. With the simple life they lived, they were able to put their children thru education. And all 17 of them graduated, having raised responsible children, who in turn assisted their parents in seeing their siblings thru education. This, borne out of their love for their parents and understanding that “…NO MAN IS AN ISLAND…”,
    Whenever asked whether they practiced family planning, with all pride, this couple would answer “YES!”
    All through their married life and expressing their love for one another, they never practiced “family control”. Again, family control is different from family planning. This couple never resorted to artifical methods, like the gadgets now being distributed to prevent life to come about. Family control rsorts to acts of life prevention, which none of us have any right, as life comes only from God.
    Tama ka,Doc.bobonyo. Walang dapat ipangamba sa pagplalano ng pamilya. Kung tamang pagplalano ng pamilya ang gagawin. However, if this will mean including and taking into consideration of using artificial gadgets to prevent life, I still believe this is a different story. I still believe in submitting to the Will of God for every couple or family. I have five childen, six, if I did not lose my fifth baby thru miscarriage. While I was pregnant with my fist child, I talked with God and requested from Him that if He was going to put another life in my womb, I pray that the age gap between my first and my second, as well as for the rest of my children, would be between 1&1/2 years and 2 yrs. And indeed He granted me my request. When I gave birth to my fourth child, I told Him that Iwas not going to reject any life He was going to put into my womb again, but at the same time I was not ready to raise another chid as there were already four of them for me to look after. At that moment I did not know that I was already on the way. Because whenever I got pregnant I never experienced any signs that I was on the way. And so, few weeks after I uttered my prayer. to my surprise, I had a miscarriage. That was supossed to be my fifth child. I can only say that in my experience, properly discussing my concern with Him, the Only Author and Giver of life, took charge of taking life back. Did I resort to any artificial method? NO! After three years, I thought I was ready to take care of another life he was going to give me. And lo and behold I got pregnant with my youngest now. Then I prayed again. Puede bang”sila na lang lima…?” Seven months after, I had my menopause.
    This day, I am homeschooling them all, and they are growing up to be responsible children.
    Ano ba ang pagplaplano ng pamilya? Ito ay ang pagtataguyod ng pamilya na kasama ang Panginoong Diyos, na Siyang lumikha, lumilikha, nagbigay at patuloy na nagbibigay ng buhay. Sa pagtataguyod ng isang pamilya, isinasang-alang-alang ang pagiging responsable ng mag-asawa sa pagbubuo ng pamilya. Ang pagiging responsable ay ang pagsangguni sa Panginoong Diyos ng lahat ng ating binabalak at minimithi sa buihay. If we believe that we have a God Who knows our condition and listens to our petitions, then we lay our plans to Him, request from Him our desires, but at the same time open to His Will. Willing to do His Will and not ours.
    Is the distribution of condoms morally right? Eto and sinasabi ko noon. who are getting thes condoms? Hindi ba may asaw ata wala? Distribution of condoms by DOH with the blessing od the President only allows sexual pernmissiveness and anybody who wishes to indulge in sex can just do it.
    This distribution of condoms appeals to our lower appetites, and not to reason and consciousness of the presence of God, Who has laid befofre us His Divine Will.
    Sumangguni sa Panginoong Diyos, humngi ng kaliawanagan sa Kanya. And be submissive to His Will. And again, I repeat, lest we’ll be damned.

  22. Colegialagirl Says:

    Family Planning and birth control are inseparable. By the way when we talk of birth control it may not necessarily mean decimating the population. We need to procreate so humanity continues on earth. May be the more appropriate term is spacing of children.
    I think you will agree with me that it is not good for the health of the woman if yearly she becomes pregnant. Theoretically perhaps but there have been cases where childbirth is so close to the extent that couples have trouble of coping up with the huge task of taking care of infants and toddlers simultaneously at home. It impairs health, it impairs too the economic productivity of the couple.
    Well there are couples who went on having large families but encountered no difficulty at all. In fact they have been more successful than the rest who perhaps may have practice family planning. But there are only a handful of them. The greater majority who went on giving birth after birth have found troubles coping with family needs and supporting their children’s needs and sending them to school. I have worked with slum dwellers in the past as a community organizer and I found out, even the couples I have been dealing with, that having a large family size is more of a disadvantage than an advantage to the family.
    Many couples used your argument as well, and success experience, to back up the notion there is nothing wrong with overdoing procreation but found themselves later in a difficult situation–feeding, child rearing, educating, and earning a living. There income is not that sufficient to support a large family size.
    What is the culprit? Inability of spacing pregnancy and childbirth. Family planning methods of birth control is still necessary to avert unwanted pregnancies to married couples. Of course they can practice the natural method as allowed by the church but in cases where engaging sexually is inevitable at the time the woman is so fertile, the use of artificial method of birth control may not be a bad idea at all.

  23. Colegialagirl Says:

    I agree with you, kailangang sumangguni tayo sa Panginoon. “If not we’ll be dammed.”
    On the other hand the more we’ll be dammed if we don’t know how to manage our population and high birth rates.

  24. TruBlue Says:

    Go ye and multiple, a delusional doctrine by catholicism. Bishops would be petrified if their churches are no longer filled kung konti nga naman ang mga alagad nila, so the only option is keep multiplying and they’re successful twisting the millions of silly Maryas and Juans. It’s more hearthbreaking to see any children suffering from hunger than anything else just for an insane idealogy. I’ll leave it at that.

    And what’s spellbinding (amongst abroad Noypi couples) is their ability to control how many off-springs to bring out in this world, given the fact that sustenance is readily available. Figure that out.

    Mas masarap siguro kasi pag walang plastic bag, hehe…

  25. Segundina Says:

    Regarding condoms may bagong pakulo na naman itong si secretary Cabral ng DOH, female condoms. Mas mahal ito if you buy it from the drug store. If given free a lot of females who want to enjoy their sexual life will be more that happy to receive it. At least their partners will no longer have the burden to fasten their condoms before driving at the subway, hehehe.

  26. Segundina Says:

    At dito galit si brother Mike Velarde kaya kasali siya ngayon sa mga nominees for the party list representatives ng Buhay. Problema lang ni Chiquito ay hindi naman siya kasama sa mga marginalized groups. Saan ba siya marginalized sa safe-sex?

  27. MariJo-An Says:

    Segundina, hindi lang naman si Bro. Mike Velarde ang galit dito. Lahat ng mga may takot at pagmamahal sa Diyos, at may karunungan na makaalam nang idudulot nitong paglaganap ng condoms upang ang sexual life ay maging permissive, ay galit, nalulungkot sa sa kasamaang ito at sa idudulot nitong sumpa sa mga taong hindi nagpapakita ng tunay na pagkakilala at pagmamahal sa Panginoong Diyos.
    I hope the Holy Spirit will come upon you and grant you enmlightenment on this. People have become too intelligent, and have been blinded by their intelligence on things, truths beyond reason. Well, only one’s ees of faith will make one able to see the unseen.

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