Wow, Beautiful Pilipinas!!!

Admittedly those travel advisory given by “friendly” nations against the Philippines is hurting our tourism industry. Although president Aquino violently reacted on those travel advisories as nothing but mere perceptions (the Aquino’s administration should have been consulted about it), the truth is that we have a peace and order problem (as in other countries too) that P.Noy’s administration should address first before going into massive tourism campaign that would bring tourists to the country.

Anyway P.Noy’s tourism people has thought of a way to encourage tourists to come to the Philippines, launching a new Philippine logo, and replacing the old but effective “Wow Philippines” to “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” which has been largely opposed and criticized by the public to include politicians, critics of the Aquino’s administration and the Media. Imagine spending some 100 million from the taxpayers money just give in to the penchant of this administration to efface anything associated with the Gloria’s administration; there is no quarrel about changing the “Wow Philippines” and the tourism campaign logo and it if only the replacement is something commendable and useful. In other words to what extent shall “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” to “Wow Philippines” in terms of effectiveness in inviting prospective tourists to come and see what exciting things to we have to offer them. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” if translated as “Beautiful Pilipinas” or “Beautiful Philippines” might mean our women; and who can prevent any foreigner to entertain such idea in his mind?

Is Senator Mirriam Santiago correct in saying that some people under the administration of President Aquino should have some of their “brain neurons working?” “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” according to the good senator is “ignorant” and “ignorance is boring.”

Here is the complete statement of Senator Santiago against those who conceived the slogan:

“We are trying to entice foreigners to come here. How are they going to understand? First of all, why not in English which is the universal language of the globe today? And secondly, we have to find our niche because we have competitors from Southeast Asia.”

“We cannot say that we have a beautiful country because everybody says that. Just think of something else. Let’s start some neurons in our brains working. Their neurons are not working. They are not on full eight cylinders. They are on two cylinders.”

“It wasn’t exceptional as an advertising tagline. But it was acceptable,” she said, referring to the Wow Philippines slogan. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda is, I think, ignorant and ignorance is boring.”

Anyway it’s a common knowledge that tourists come to the Philippines not only for our beautiful sceneries and amazing tourist spots but for our hospitable, lovely and beautiful Filipinas!

At sino nga bang banyagang turista ang hindi mapapa-Wow kapag nakakita siya ng magandang Pilipina?

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4 Responses to “Wow, Beautiful Pilipinas!!!”

  1. haydeenkoi Says:

    Aminin mga igan, may mga tourists there that they only coming to Philippines for the sex tour.

    My gulay, noong araw pa attraction na ang mga kababaihan nating nagpopokpok dito para magkainterest itong mga mahihilig na foreigners para magpunta ng Pilipinas.

    They making kasi the image of our women na sex object which to me is also very objectionable, hayyyy buhay!

  2. haydeenkoi Says:

    Maliban sa mga magagandang places natin na nasa mga provinces ano pa ang makikita nilang maganda sa atin with our overpopulated na urban areas, mga squatters, mga maduduming kalsada.

    Kung kagaya pa noong araw ang Maynila yes tourist come here for our attractive and amazing tourist spots.

    Kaso nasa airport pa lang dinudukotan na sila ng mga kawatan.

    So what is beautiful with the Philippines sa gawaing masasama ng mga ilan nating mga kababayan?

    Madam Segundina baka beautiful Filipinas nga mga maging kahulogan niyang Pilipinas Kay Ganda.

  3. TruBlue Says:

    Kahit “Ugly Pinas” ang slogan; rain or shine, those sex maniacs/addicts/pedophiles will arrive. Mapa pa wow pa rin ang mga lintik na yan when in Pinas soil.

    Happy Thanksgiving and cheers to all.

  4. Colegialagirl Says:

    Hi TruBlue Merry Christmas na po. Hanggang ngayon ay di pa nasisipsip ang mga tagas na langis sa Bangkal Makati. Paano na lang kaya ang kanilang Pasko at Bagong taon. Bawal magpaputok ng mga rebentador. Baka iba ang pumutok niyan. Dadami tuloy ang ating papulasyon.

    Ay beautiful Philippines, may nahuli na namang pidopilyang kano. Tama po kayo TruBlue, most of these tourists are here for sex. Kaya pala dumadami ang mga kaso ng Aids ngayon sa Pinas gaya ng nasabi ng kumare kung nars sa DOH.

    Anyway tama si Pope, mag-condom muna kayong mga immortal, este sexually active kapag hindi na ninyo pa makayanang pigilin ang tawag ng laman.

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