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Amado Perlas, Arabong Pinoy

June 5, 2009

He left a good job in the Philippines to work abroad. Not because of money for they have more than enough (having a prosperous family business in the country) but to forget his grief and sorrows brought about by his separation to Olga, a childhood sweetheart who recently married a local Chinese in Manila.

Aboard the Northwest Airlines on his way to Japan for a connecting flight to Dubai, he could not hide his sorrows. He was crying with both  eyes were sated with tears. Other passengers in the airplane however were so kind not to mind him, they thought he was just too sad to leave a family.

But as soon as he arrived in Dubai and he started serving his two-year contract as a Computer Programmer little by little he learned to forget and of course to forgive. And Heaven rewarded him with a pretty and intelligent young woman working as a secretary. It was a love at first sight, though others may not be so convinced with their story.

They started exchanging notes and messages through internet and texting. After a few months of courtship they became sweethearts and later planned to marry after they finished their two-year working contract in Dubai. Ela was confident the wedding would push through since her sister Donita was already about to graduate as a nursing student. She’s the reason why she left also a job as a bank teller in Ayala, Makati.

For lovers like Amado and Ela, two years seemed too long to endure. As if it was an eternity of waiting. Amado was Ela’s first boyfriend. The young woman is a mestiza, she had never been kissed before and a certified virgin according to her relatives. That’s why Amado was so excited about their wedding. Heaven granted the wish of their heart. Their contract ended and they came back to the Philippines together.

At the Ninoy International Airport, their relatives were waiting for them. Having been forewarned about the wedding, both families met. Amado as usual was crying again, not because of pain but of  joy. Like Korina Sanches wiping off the tears rolling down Mar Roxas’ cheeks, Ela took out from her pocket what she thought as a handkerchief to wipe off Amado’s tears. But everybody laughed at her, it was too late to learn she was wiping his boyfriend’s tears with a pair of used socks.

And to cut the story short the wedding pushed through. It was officiated by a Baptist Pastor Ike Patao (not his real name). The couple invited friends, relatives from both sides, and even Amado’s former girlfriend and her husband. The couple however declined the invitation. The wedding ceremony was unforgetable as a well known Gospel singer in the country sang popular love and religious songs.

But as a family who love humor very much, Ela’s lolo Carpio asked this question to the guests. “Why did they nicknamed Amado as “Arabong Pinoy” by his friends in Dubai? Is it because he is in an Arab land or he has the size and diameter of that “thing” the Arab men are famous about? There was an uproar of a laughter. Ladies just smiled but had their minds implanted with some mischievous thoughts.

And Ela’s friends could hardly wait to see her after the honeymoon. They invited her to a popular coffee shop and asked her what happened during the first night. They asked her a very difficult question. With her height at 5’1 and small body frame, how good was it to ride with a camel in the desert? “Exciting and full of fun,” was all she could say. “Is it a painful and a bloody encounter with Aladdin,” asked Julia a single parent. But Minerva asked the most intriquing question; was it really long and as fat as the Arabian “dangling thing?” All laughed again.

Ela had chosen not to give a categorical response. She wanted them to think that Amado at 5’10 has a penis as long as ten inches. The truth, Amado’s penile size is no more than 5 inches. And she’s grateful about it. Otherwise with a diameter of a  regular flurescent bulb, it could have been more painful and damaging on her part should his thing exceeded 5 inches in length. She could still remember how painful it was when Amado inserted and thrusted his penis on her vagina. She did not see it but felt the blood coming out from her vagina going down her legs to her buttocks. She could still feel  how his small but fat penis slowly but vigorously sliding through her vaginal canal and ruptured her hymen.

Ela could not ask for more even if Amado’s weapon even it was only short, it’s  fat, hard, and hot. She had already experienced prolonged multiple orgasms  which brought her to  heaven with tightly closed eyes several times. If being an Arabo means vitality and fertility regardless of size, Amado in effect can also be considered  a Pinoy Arabo. On the other hand, Amado is more than lucky enough to marry Ela, she’s not only pretty and innocent, she’s also kind, loving, and intelligent.

Ela and Amado are now the happy and proud  parents of  two wondeful children; a girl and a boy.