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For the Head Only I’ll Give you High Grade (The final chapter)

October 29, 2008

Having no actual experience yet in sexual intercourse, Nelson could not explain the sensation he felt. All he had in mind was to sink his cock on the wet vagina of teacher Lupita. She removed Lupitas hands on his cocks and started to insert it at her vagina while both were standing. No matter how stiff was his penis, it could not go down the vaginal canal even an inch. Teacher Lupita knew she had a trying hard virgin wanting to fuck her. Even if she did not have plenty of sex in her life, she knew Nelson was bound to fail without spreading her legs lying down on bed.

She whispered to Nelson, “if you can fuck me this way even for the head only I’ll give you a High Grade in Math.” But Nelson was not interested about a high grade in Math. All he wanted was to fuck teacher Lupita and had an experience for the first time. He tried again pushing hard his cock on the wet vagina of the teacher. Fearful Nelson may lose the initiative to fuck her, she stopped the young man to give him the needed lesson how to fuck.

“Stop it idiot, you are not going anywhere with your method. I’m getting bord already,” she said.

“Then teach me how to do it,” said Nelson who was already impatient.

Teacher Lupita kissed the young man as she slowly went down the floor to lie down. Nelson followed. He spread the legs of the teacher as instructed then he mounted on her. Nelson slowly pushed his rod on the wet pussy of the teacher and his cock was slowly going down the cave. Nelson felt a sensation he never felt before. He put all he had inside the teachers wet vagina.

“N-Nelson, only the head please so I can give you a high grade,” she teased Nelson who had already succeeded in invading her deepest chamber. She was already moaning with joy and excitement.

“N-never mind the high grade ma’am, I have to put all I’ve got… put all,” Nelson protested as he was agonizing with much sensation at the head of his cock. 

“If that’s what you want then put all your banana and start pumping because you have been hanging me for a long long time baby,” laughed the teacher.

Nelson did as he was instructed pumping hard and fast until he ejaculated. But with his big and hard cock coming up and down teacher Lupita had been cumming for long until she reached orgasm. She had been crying hard like whore with sensations as she was simultaneously by two veteran fuckers armed with hard-stinging cocks. That’s how she felt as this young man Nelson fucked her so hard.

“For a first timer, you are really good Nelson,” teacher Lupita said while embracing and kissed each other lying down on a newly polished floor. They rolled over some seminal fluid which splatter like paint from the floor. It’s Nelson’s semen which overflowed from the vagina of teacher Lupita. The young man must have ejaculated plenty of seminal fluid. “Your wallet is really sweet and delicious,” Nelson answered.

They fucked till down and stopped only to eat snacks and drank milk. Teacher Lupita had planned for this a long long time. She had prepared Soup No. 5 for Nelson to last the whole night. But Nelson got tired too and slept. Teacher Lupita had fallen asleep too. Both were so tired having plenty of sex before they fell down and slept out of exhaustion. They did not even bother to put on their clothes while lying down the floor.

But Pepay, the older sister of Lupita arrived and saw the two both naked embracing each other. She screamed to what she saw apparently surprised her sister could do such thing. But Lupita approached her sister and apologized to what she had done. She had done this so many times but Pepay  could always forgive her sister  Lupita for she is the only one supporting  her. There were only two of them living now for they were orphaned at an early age. Pepay became and spinster because she devoted much of her time taking care of Lupita. In fact it was Pepay who worked hard as a laundrywoman to send her to school.

Before the news could spread around like wildfire about her “horny” encounter with a pupil, Lupita talked to Nelson’s parents and informed them about their having sex already. She pleaded to the parents to allow Nelson to marry her just to protect her honor and reputation as a teacher. The parents were more than willing too to allow their son to marry his teacher, at least the teacher could not only teach their son she could also financially support a family. Lupita being a teacher could send Nelson too in college.

They got married. During their honeymoon teacher Lupita was surprised because Nelson learned so fast how to make love, he learned how to lick her pussy till it became wet, worked on her breasts, and control his ejaculation so both could be cumming together. Nelson studied also an ancient art of love making, the Kamasutra, so he could satisfy his wife to the fullest. Teacher Lupita’s day was not complete without sucking the long and hard cock of Nelson. Oral sex made Nelson loving and caring to his wife. After marrying a young man teacher Lupita look younger this time and prettier. Her secret, oral sex and swallowing her husband’s semen. Their sex life gets more exciting each day. Nelson told his wife, “we are born to fuck each other everyday.” And Lupita told her husband, “you are my everything, my life, my love, my happiness, and my super fucker.

After he completed grade four, Nelson applied for educational accelerated program of the Department of Education and qualified as a high school graduate. He long completed his degree in education and now teaching sex education and family planning in a community college. At present he is already working at his thesis to complete a master’s degree major in special education. Teacher Lupita was awarded as the most outstanding teacher by the local government for her dedication and commitment in helping hard-to-learn students improve in their level of learning. 

Both are happily married for several years now. And as every story teller ends the final chapter of his book says, and they lived happily ever and after sucking, licking, and fucking each other, hehehe.